Shooting with your smartphone? These might help…

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Even its adherents would say that the smartphone is not necessarily the best device to capture video on, but Schneider Optics’ iPro ramps up the quality hugely.

A new app allows both Android and iOS smartphone and tablet users to project images wirelessly, reports Kate Large

We stumbled across this picture on Imgur of an Android phone accessing a 3.5 inch floppy drive via a USB cable and it got us thinking.

This is amazing! But what is it for?

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Here's a product by German company My Multitouch that's going to make everyone go "wow", and then say "but what would I use that for?"

Antix: Artificial intelligence-based editing of GoPro video

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A new app promises automitically-edited sequences of GoPro footage by tracking...excitement?

Is the future of the camera industry in the hands of the tablet makers? The recent rash of low-cost, powerful tablets like the Google Nexus 7 brings unheard-of power that will transform the way we relate to our cameras

What does Sony Television have up its sleeve?

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Sony Television, or rather the newly formed Sony Visual Products, forecasts turning a profit for the first time in over a decade. What is Sony's plan to make consumers want its televisions again?

Just in case anyone was in doubt that the 4K revolution is happening, Nvidia has just announced that its much anticipated Tegra 4 mobile chipset will include "4K Ultra-High-Def video support"

Lockwood Publishing is quietly pioneering a revolution in mobile gaming, which has implications way beyond the gaming universe, writes David Valjalo

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