Sky and other broadcasters tight-lipped on 4K

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Sky TV (one of the UK's major broadcaster and widely viewed across Europe) is remaining tight-lipped about their plans for 4K. RedShark contacted them recently with an interview request and the response was that no-one was available. This is in stark contrast to when they were launching 3D, when they were somewhat more effusive about their 3D roadmap

The future of TV isn't about resolution but immersion. Netflix wants to take us bigger and wider

While the industry is concentrating hard on a 4K and even 8K future, it probably seems like we've done this sort of thing before. And we have. But there are disruptive technologies looming that could impact our industry in rather more profound ways.

The Sony F65 is now an Indie Film camera!

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It's kind of surprising to see a top-end camera like the F65 being used in smaller independent films. But the reality is that it's not so expensive and difficult to operate that it's out of range of this type of production. And here's the proof

RED's startling new Helium sensor hasn't just been announced with some far off ship date, it looks like it's here already. Renowned RED expert and RedShark contributor Nick Morrison runs through the detail of what we know, some of the genuinely stunning implications, and where this takes us next.

If you’re wondering about 8K workflows, this might help

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Recently we've been working with RED and G-Technology to look at some of the issues surrounding working with greater than 4K resolutions. This time, we're looking at workflows. 

NAB 2015: Ikegami joins the 8K party

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Ikegami is another manufacturer working with NHK on developing Super Hi-Vision camera kit, and with its latest shoulder-mounted SHK-810 it is also highlighting the astonishing amount of progress made since it manufactured its first 8K prototype back in 2002.

8K is part of the journey, not the destination

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Our industry may be just recently coming to grips with 8K production, but 8K is merely a stepping stone to a profoundly different (and possibly pixel-less) future.

The real reason why we need 8K

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There's a reason why we need 8K, and it's nothing to do with screen sizes

It's an unfortunate situation to say the least, but the fact is that motion blur can completely wipe out the advantages of very high resolution video.

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