The Peril of 4K: Our Craft is Being Threatened!

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4K resolution images enable plenty of post-camera hanky-panky.  Shooters embracing very high-resolution cameras must be aware of the downstream perils and threats to the craft that can pop up around them.

IBC2015 in the rear view mirror

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Sponsored Article: Neil Roberts recaps IBC2015 and highlights Forscene's cloud-based editing solution for collaborative and remote workflows.

Just in case this headline looks familiar to you, you’re right: we’ve been talking about this stuff for a long time. But a lot has changed, the world has moved on, and now, we’re no longer simply extrapolating from what’s gone before: we’re dealing with the real thing. 

The good news about high resolution and storage

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We've been working closely with RED and G-Technology to look at shooting and production workflows beyond 4K resolution.

A decade ago recording in 8K resolutions let alone broadcasting it looked about as realistic as a manned landing in the Andromeda Galaxy, but it was apparent at IBC that 8K is being lumped into a suite of media enhancements set to hit us by 2020 - or sooner. 8K is becoming a regular part of the conversation and what’s remarkable is that this is no longer a surprise.

It's just an experiment or hack, but it is real. A computer game running (albeit very slowly) in glorious 8K

World Cup games to be captured in 8K

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FIFA is making plans alongside Japan's NHK to capture some of the games from this summer's World Cup in Brazil in 8K. And the footage will be down converted to 4K to help 4K producers. Down converting to 4K! You read it here first!

The future of TV isn't about resolution but immersion. Netflix wants to take us bigger and wider

World's fastest video codec can handle 16K

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Post specialist Cinegy has unveiled what it thinks is the world’s fastest codec, DANIEL2, capable of decoding up to 1100 frames per second of 8K video.

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