AMD has unveiled the FirePro W4300, which promises unparalleled performance for CAD users (for GPUs in its class). But does it make sense for film professionals?

Finally we have some substantial early news on the 4K Blu-Ray front, only it's not going to be called 4K Blu-Ray but ULTRA HD BLU-RAY™.

4K may be the next revolution for for consumer TV but it pales into insignificance compared with the things that the new Kinect can do - and what it will mean for the way we watch TV

Michael Zaletel is a RED Camera user but he also writes apps for the iPhone. He has recently released an App that will let you shoot and edit near 4K Video on an iPhone 5S, for $49.99

You simply have to be amazed at current consumer TV technology.

Sony A7s, Panasonic GH4 Tokyo Tilt-Shift Video

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Two of the hottest cameras on the market combine forces in a tilt-shift video from the WTC Building's observatory in Tokyo. Plus, a bonus Tokyo tilt-shift shot with Sony A7s and NEX-6 cameras.

Why I'm excited about the Blackmagic URSA

Published in Technology & Computing

 Blackmagic's URSA is a radical departure. It's exciting. Here's why.

Blackmagic release low cost Studio Cameras!

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Analysis: Blackmagic has designed what looks like an incredibly versatile and credible-looking studio camera.

How do you choose a camera? In this article, we use examples from everyday consumer life; smartphones, cars, computers, etc, to put the latest camera developmens into perspective. And we ask: are we reaching the point where you don't always need the latest and greatest?

How to take still pictures from a 4K video shoot

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With video cameras now sporting 4K video - that's the equivalent of 8 Megapixels, each frame is capable of looking like a pretty decent still photograph. This means that not only can you grab high quality frames from video to use in still image media, it might actually be the best way in the future to do still photography, because you will have a wonderful, 24 or even 60 frames per second to choose your stills from

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