When cameras are Good Enough

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Have cameras reached the point where we need to be looking beyond resolution to judge their film-making abilities?

According to Convergent Design its new tablet-sized Apollo is the industry’s first genuinely portable HD multicamera recorder/switcher. And it’ll be 4K from next year too.

Is 4K twice or four times as good as HD?

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 Another chance to read: Don't confuse pixel numbers with resolution!

This is intriguing. Aptina, known to be a sensor supplier to Nikon, has made a new 4K sensor. And it's available to anyone!

Just a few blurry shots but here's Sony's prototype 4K media player - and a shot in video of the 4K consumer camcorder

We now know quite a lot more about the PS4, but there are still questions. K. Stewart investigates

Phil Rhodes wonders what happens now that the best digital camera costs less than the best film camera ever did.

RED is gung ho over 4K

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RED doesn't think that 4K is moving fast enough. They have a vested interest in thinking this. As arguably the first camera company to have 4K cameras on the market, their lead is is being challenged by newcomers from the more established companies

Blackmagic URSA - unboxing and first impressions

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We've just taken delivery of an URSA for a review. Here are our first impressions

Just in case anyone was in doubt that the 4K revolution is happening, Nvidia has just announced that its much anticipated Tegra 4 mobile chipset will include "4K Ultra-High-Def video support"

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