Netflix to Spend $3bn on Content in 2014

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Netflix have just published their annual report and have laid out their plans for the year, including spending nearly $3bn on programming and further expansion into Europe

HDMI 2.0 is here. Gives 4K room to breathe

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It’s a big day for 4K today. Sony’s announced prosumer and consumer 4K camcorders, and - at last - HDMI 2.0 is here.  It matters because this is the version of HDMI that 4K has been waiting for

Open Source Cameras: Encouraging progress from the Apurtus team

4K screens are coming to Smartphones

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There will be no end to the quest to fit more pixels onto your smartphone screen until they're the size of individual molecules

Inside the ground-breaking Apertus open source camera

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As the Apertus camera teeters on the verge of being produced, Rakesh Malik chronicles the progress to date of the project which is committed to bringing the first production-ready open source camera to market.

While the industry is concentrating hard on a 4K and even 8K future, it probably seems like we've done this sort of thing before. And we have. But there are disruptive technologies looming that could impact our industry in rather more profound ways.

4K in Slow Motion at the Superbowl

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Host broadcaster CBS had over 60 cameras at the Superbowl, including 6 FT- ONE 4K cameras from FOR-A but they weren’t used for normal game footage. The FOR-A Cameras can shoot 4K at up to 900 frames per second so they are the perfect system for capturing disputed plays

According to a recent study on worldwide internet speeds, there was almost a 100% increase, year over year, in reaching the broadband threshold necessary to receive 4K transmissions. But the report also revealed a few other surprises.

Does 4K have a role in News and Journalism?

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Will 4K be used for news gathering? No. But on the other hand, yes

The World's Smallest 4K OB Van

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Denmark's has joined forces with Lundfilm Aps Producer/Director Troels Lund to create what it confidently calls the smallest 4K OB van in the world.

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