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A UAV showreel that blends gorgeous aerial footage with deft editing and engaging storytelling.

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    Rumour: Canon 5D Mark IV being tested by photographers Canon 5D Mark IV rendering

    The rumour mill is churning with the possibility that pre-release Canon 5D Mark IV cameras are in the field.

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      Behind the scenes of The Jungle Book The Jungle Book BTS

      Here's a BTS video for one of the surprise hits of 2016, the live action remake of The Jungle Book, directed by Jon Favreau.

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        5 myths and misconceptions about media management and archiving [sponsored] 5 myths and misconceptions about media management and archiving [sponsored]

        Few areas of the industry suffer from more faulty information than that of media management and archiving. Here are the top five myths - busted.

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          All about drones, moral panics, and the UK press,-moral-panics,-and-the-uk-press,-moral-panics,-and-the-uk-press DJI drone graphic by

          DJI delivers an unprecendented announcement in response to a recent report in UK papers about complaints of drone use.

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            Is it still okay to shoot in 8-bit video? Quantized rose

            Phil Rhodes updates one of the most popular articles we have ever featured on RedShark - 8-bit or 10-bit? The truth may surprise you - and provides a guide to bit depth for 2016.

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              Win a Panasonic AG-DVX200 Win a Panasonic AG-DVX200

              Panasonic is running another competition to win a spectacular AG-DVX200 camcorder.

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                The look that Hollywood loves and the lenses that create it Classic anamorphic flare, as created by a real Panavision E-series anamorphic lens.

                Phil Rhodes takes a visit to the Panavision facility in Woodland Hills, California to profile the Panavision E-series, lenses that have delivered that classic anamorphic look (and, yes, flares) to an exhaustive list of Hollywood blockbusters.

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                  A close up with the Syrp Genie motion control system Syrp Genie with track, pan and tilt axes

                  RedShark Review: Phil Rhodes borrowed the only complete, pre-production Genie system in existence in the US to delve into the workings of New Zealand-based Syrp's latest motion control system.

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                    Five things a Colorist would like to say to a DP Avoiding pain here saves money for productions

                    When it comes to setting the look, talk early and talk often as working together results in the best images with the least pain and expense. By Terence Curren.

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