RedShark News - Production Sun, 24 Jul 2016 02:52:57 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb An argument for old school lighting One particular lighting technology has colour rendering performance more or less as good as the sun.

In a tongue-in-cheek turn, we extol the virtues of a lighting standard that has fallen out of vogue in modern productions.

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    ]]> (Phil Rhodes) Production Fri, 22 Jul 2016 23:00:00 +0000
    Before the 50 year legacy - Star Trek’s very first production The Federation makes its mark

    With the new Star Trek movie debuting in the cinemas, Joe Foster boldly goes into the tangled and rather messy genesis of the first ever Trek and the series that almost never took off.

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      ]]> (Guest Author) Production Fri, 22 Jul 2016 14:00:00 +0000
      The rise of cinematography in documentary The Investigator: A British Crime Story

      As documentaries skew toward the cinematic, we wonder if a line has been crossed somewhere.

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        ]]> (Simon Wyndham) Production Thu, 21 Jul 2016 14:00:00 +0000
        Metabones further updates the recent update Now available in default green mode

        A week after releasing a firmware update for its Mark IV and Speedbooster Ultra EF mount to Sony E mount adapters, Metabones has released firmware update .52 which contains not just additional fixes but also an interesting change in default mode.

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 (Ned Soltz) Production Wed, 20 Jul 2016 23:00:00 +0000
          Video overview and footage from the new Panasonic AG-AC30 The 4x slow motion is pretty impressive for this level

          Holdan’s Richard Payne provides a good run through of Panasonic’s new AG-AC30 and concludes that it’s “a wonderfully flexible little friend.” The footage looks decent too.

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   (RedShark News Staff) Production Wed, 20 Jul 2016 08:00:00 +0000
            This specially designed camera could be your new route into astrophotography Big sky, small camera

            Anyone who has ever nosed around the subject of astrophotography will be familiar with the facts that it’s both rather complex and potentially extremely expensive: the sort of hobby that can expand to fill your bank balance and then eat your overdraft quite easily. That could all change though with the $449 Tiny1.

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     (Andy Stout, European Editor) Production Tue, 19 Jul 2016 23:00:00 +0000
              Panasonic’s new AG-AC30EJ proves there’s life in the world of HD Panasonic AG-AC30

              Simon Wyndham reviews the Panasonic  AG-AC30, an entry level, £1500 1/3" 1080p camcorder with a very handy built-in LED light aimed at budding videographers, internet journalists and value-minded shooters.

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       (Simon Wyndham) Production Tue, 19 Jul 2016 08:00:00 +0000
                Fireworks with the Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K and the DJI Inspire X5R Still from 'Fun on the Midway @ Marin County Fair'

                Here's a short, energetic video shot on the Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K and the DJI Inspire X5R that delivers fireworks and "fun on the midway."

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         (Patrick Jong Taylor) Production Mon, 18 Jul 2016 23:00:00 +0000
                  Working with resolutions above 4K: We interview renowned cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC Working with resolutions above 4K: We interview renowned cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC

                  We've been working with RED and G-Technology to look at the issues, opportunities and practical solutions around shooting in higher-than-4K resolutions. We asked cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC, what it’s like to work in higher-than 4K resolutions using RED cameras and G-Technology storage

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           (David Shapton) Production Mon, 18 Jul 2016 14:00:00 +0000
                    What Drone? A brief guide to the current ready-to-fly drone market DJI Phantom 4

                    There have never been so many ready-to-fly drones on the market, yet picking the right one to fit your needs can still be difficult. Simon Wyndham puts some popular RTF options in context, highlighting key features and use cases.

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             (Simon Wyndham) Production Mon, 18 Jul 2016 08:00:00 +0000