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Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes is a Cinematographer, Technologist, Writer and above all Communicator. Never afraid to speak his mind, and always worth listening to, he's a frequent contributor to RedShark.

CION: We take another look at this intriguing camera

Published in Production

Our Technical Editor, Phil Rhodes, recently spent some hands-on time with the AJA Cion 4K camera. Here are his thoughts on the current state of the Cion and the possibility of further refinements.

Gear We Like: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Published in Production

Our Technical Editor, Phil Rhodes, profiles one of our favorite cameras, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, which has had a tremendous run as a value leader.

Phil Rhodes rings the alarm bells over the impact of rampant video consumption on existing internet infrastructures and identifies some possible solutions.

While prepping an article on the AJA Cion, RedShark Technical Editor, Phil Rhodes, had a chance to use a set of Schneider's Xenon FF-Prime lenses. Here, he gives his opinion on the set and some thoughts on prime lens usage in general.

Last week, RedShark Technical Editor, Phil Rhodes, got an exclusive look at a pre-release prototype of Sony’s latest entry-level camcorder, the HXR-NX100, and he reckons it could be a very interesting release indeed for the budget-conscious videographer.

Phil Rhodes takes a look at some of the innovative technology that lay behind Pathé’s 9.5mm film format and the Pathé Baby projector, the Netflix of the 1920s.

Phil Rhodes, our Technical Editor, may incur the wrath of audiophiles and engineers with thie idea that "the audio equipment world has it fairly easy," but he draws intriguing parallels between audio and camera equipment development, which may be instructive for manufacturers.

Phil Rhodes gives us his take on Red Giant's TrapCode Suite, Effects Suite and Universe software tools, and why it makes sense to have all three.

Phil Rhodes reviews the Sekonic C700, which won't replace your exposure meter, but will provide valuable information on the CRI and colour spectrum emitting from your light sources.

RedShark Review: Tiffen DFX 4 digital filters

Published in Post & VFX

RedShark Technical Editor, Phil Rhodes, reviews Tiffen's new standalone and plug-in package of digital filters that mimics its popular line of optical filters.

In our article How should we test cameras? we asked what was better: unblinking scientific testing or judging on the perceived quality of the image, and we discussed some of the issues surrounding camera evaluations. But we thought it was only right to get the perspective from the people on the front-end doing the reviews themselves. Here, Phil Rhodes talks about objectivity vs subjectivity.

One of the birthplaces of cinema reopens

Published in Business

The Regent Street Cinema, one of the most famous locations in the early history of film and a key part of the genre's story in London, has just been reopened as a modern, state-of-the-art boutique cinema.

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