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Patrick Jong Taylor

Patrick Jong Taylor is the North American Editor of RedShark News. He is also a Strategist for bigSTORY, a business consultancy based in Los Angeles and Austin, specializing in agile communication strategies.

While much of the ARRI press conference focused on news that broke weeks ago, its presentation of the Sky Panel LED softlights carried the show (and there was a killer leave-behind to boot).

Atomos is making its 4K monitor recorder, the Shogun, an increasingly attractive option for an increasingly wide audience by once again announcing support for upcoming cameras months before release. Camnera's such as Canon's C300 Mark II.

On the eve of the NAB show, ARRI has announced a collaboration with Transvideo for a 5" OLED field monitor that doubles as a camera controller.

The film tech news arrived at a breakneck pace both before and after the show, with SmallHD announcing the Sidefinder just before NAB opened its doors, an innovative electronic viewfinder that doubles as a full HD field monitor.

In something of a surprise announcement, Canon unveiled the XC10 4K camera (among other hot new products) in advance of NAB 2015. And in another twist, Atomos has announced that the yet-to-be released camera will receive Shogun support

On first blush, it seemed like an April Fool's Day joke, but it's real: Magic Lantern has discovered how to run Linux on Canon EOS cameras, opening the door to new innovations.

NAB 2015: Blackmagic Fusion on Mac teaser video!

Published in Post & VFX

Blackmagic will demo its Fusion compositing application on OSX at NAB in Vegas, and here's the official teaser video!

NAB 2015 Preview: Genie motion controller goes Mini

Published in Production

Syrp, the company behind 2012's Kickstarter success Genie motion controller, has expanded its product line by going small. Meet the Genie Mini!

Blackmagic announced an important firmware update for its Teranex hardware-based standards convertor and video processor, which dovetails nicely with our recent series on the subject.

RED is making an early push to be the talk of NAB 2015 by teasing information on its new Weapon Dragon camera in the weeks before the show.

Once again, one of our readers steps up and shares a video so useful, we're compelled to pass it along. This time, the video comes courtesy of Eric Stemen, who details just how quickly someone can set up the DJI Ronin and offers advice on usage.

We're sharing an eye-wateringly good timelapse of Austria by FilmSpektakel, some technical information about the project and a few how-to videos for your own timelapse videos.

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