12 Feb 2016

Odyssey 7Q+ to support Varicam LT V-RAW

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Panasonic dropped a bombshell with news of the Varicam LT and Convergent Design quickly follows up, announcing support.

This week, Panasonic unveiled the Varicam LT, a new version of its high-end Varicam cinema camera, arriving with a smaller footprint and a few less features. Depending on how you look at it, the Varicam LT sits either in the middle or low-high end of budgets. At around $18K for the body, you'll get a dual native ISO 4K (UHD & DCI) camera with purported high sensitivity, low noise, exceptional colour science and at least 14 stops of dynamic range (when shooting in V-log), along with other goodies.

Going V-Raw

For you raw shooters, Panasonic will be adding raw output for the LT in a firmware update tentatively scheduled for June. Convergent Designs hasn't wasted any time in response, announcing support for the Varicam LT's V-Raw codec (when it arrives).

Note: this is NOT a free upgrade. Instead, V-Raw support will be added to the Odyssey 7Q+ Raw Record Bundle, which is a paid support package for recording in a plethora of raw formats for different cameras.

The bundle costs $995 and includes all codec support (there's no a la carte option). For those that only occasionally shoot raw, you can rent the package for $99/day.

For more info, check out full press release on Page Two!

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