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How to be successful on Kickstarter

Published in Business

Exploding Kittens, one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever, is about to end in a blizzard of new record breaking numbers. What lessons can a card game provide anyone who is thinking about crowd-funding a film project? Actually, as Guest Author Axel Mertes details, quite a few…

What is it about Film?

Published in Production

"There is no creative advantage to shooting film" says a top industry figure.  So why do top movie directors keep using it? By Matt Aindow

How to take your editing kit on the road

Published in Post & VFX

Guest author Vladimir Boboshin give us the low-down on the equipment he brings when editing on the move.

Whatever happened to the Hi-Fi Tower?

Published in Audio

Over the span of two decades entertainment has evolved from a physical to a virtual industry. Guest author Gabriel Dusil explores how our world of entertainment has evolved and what happened to the once-prestigious Hi-Fi tower.

Blender 2.73 adds more features for storyboarding

Published in Post & VFX

With more than 200 bug fixes and some fairly hefty new features among a plethora of tweaks, Blender 2.73 is somewhat more than just a point release. Guest Author, Gottfried Hofmann, provides the details.

RedShark News contributor Kevin Luiz proves that you don't need the most expensive camera to achieve great results. You just need talent and a compelling subject.

The Panasonic HC-X1000 is a great 4K camera but the shooting in 4K and downsampling to HD leads to stunning results!

Red Shark Guest Author, Rakesh Malik, recently ordered a Letus Helix 3-axis gimbal. These are his first impressions of the $4000 unit.

Guest author John Clark of Berlin Picture Company explores why there's so little consistency of colour across broadcast platforms and what the industry may need to remedy the problem.

Here's why chips are still getting faster...

Published in Technology & Computing

Guest author Rakesh Malik explores why we haven't seen great increases in processor speeds as of late, and how processors continue to improve in other ways. 

Guest author Daniel G. Roberts breaks down the value of a new iMac 5K against a Mac Pro system, in terms of Geekbench scores and specs.

We've bee testing the G-Tech G-SPEED Studio R, which is a desktop Thunderbolt raid system, with styling sympathetic to the Mac Pro, but which can, of course, be used with any computer supporting Thunderbolt. Tom Salisbury reports

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