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Andy Stout, European Editor

Andy Stout, European Editor

Andy is European Editor of RedShark. He has spent nearly two decades writing about all aspects of the broadcast and film industries for a variety of high-profile industry publications on both sides of the Atlantic. During that time the industry has moved from 4:3 SD to 16:9 SD to HD and now on to 4K. He's getting kind of curious to see where it goes next.

RED’s 6K Weapon ships and adds internal ProRes

Published in Production

The first RED Weapon cameras are coming off the production line as v6.1.6 firmware adds ProRes recording options, Rec.709 and Rec2020 colour spaces, and 3D LUT and multi-look support.

With a mind-blowing ISO of over 4 million (+75dB), Canon’s new ME20F-SH provides Full HD colour footage in lighting conditions where you’d previously be reaching for the infra-red.

How NASA captured lunar lift-off

Published in Technology & Computing

46 years ago today, humanity first set foot on the moon. It left not too long after, on December 14 1972, and some of the most iconic footage of our short exploration there remains that of the Lunar Lander lifting off from the surface for the final time. This is how NASA did it, third time lucky.

4K & 20.3MP: Panasonic pushes the MFT envelope

Published in Production

We bracket the weekend with another Panasonic camera, the LUMIX DMC-GX8, which raises the bar quite significantly for the Micro Four Thirds format.

Photographing Pluto. Pretty much everything about NASA’s New Horizons Mission and its recently completed 28,000mph fly-by of Pluto is astonishing, including the cameras.

Opinion: Virtual Reality is a sideshow to the main event

Published in VR & AR

Having been a skeptic all through the stereo 3D years, Andy Stout sees no reason to chance his stance when it comes to Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality on the other hand…

Astonishing zoom on the moon…with a $600 camera

Published in Production

We know that consumer cameras are getting more capable with every generation, but the video of this zoom still took our breath away.

Amazon Prime first to stream HDR video content

Published in Post & VFX

It’s something of a limited launch: one series in one country on one make of television, but it’s still a launch. HDR is coming, albeit slowly, and it's coming first to Amazon Prime.

As you know, we do enjoy a bit of space-related eye-candy here at RedShark, but NASA (and others) have just raised the bar impressively with the introduction of 4K imagery.

Two very different genre shows, HBO’s Game of Thrones which finished last night and the BBC’s ongoing Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, have convinced us that we are in a new era of television special effects and that TV can now do (nearly) everything that film can.

8K playback comes to YouTube

Published in Production

As we posted on Facebook yesterday, Ghost Towns in 8K, a film by Luke and Marika Neumann, has become the first public film that anyone knows about to be uploaded and publicly available in 8K on YouTube.

There's no doubt that a rise in video ubiquity is having an impact on the stills market. But while the choice between video and stills is often now just a change of setting on high-end DSLRs, when it comes to the practicalities of switching there are some things that photographers need to bear in mind.

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