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Andy Stout, European Editor

Andy Stout, European Editor

Andy is European Editor of RedShark. He has spent nearly two decades writing about all aspects of the broadcast and film industries for a variety of high-profile industry publications on both sides of the Atlantic. During that time the industry has moved from 4:3 SD to 16:9 SD to HD and now on to 4K. He's getting kind of curious to see where it goes next.

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Avid lets you have Pro Tools…for free

Published in Audio

Newly Nasdaq relisted Avid has announced Pro Tools | First, a free version of the music creation software that is such a mainstay of the modern music industry.

Drones loom large over NAB

Published in Business

As well as drone shots being seemingly obligatory in every recently commissioned documentary nowadays, their ascendency has been underlined by the confirmation of a special Aerial Robotics and Drone Pavilion at this year’s NAB.

Astonishing camera tech finds lost Mars probe

Published in Technology & Computing

The Beagle has (finally) landed: As you will have probably seen from the mainstream news sites, the UK-led Beagle 2 Mars probe, which went missing while attempting touchdown on Christmas Day 2003, has finally been found intact and on the surface of the Red Planet. As you would expect the camera tech in Nasa’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter that found it is suitably astonishing.

UHD Alliance hopes to stop 4K confusion

Published in Business

One of the more significant, non product stories to emerge from CES concerns the establishment of the UHD Alliance by most of the companies you would hope would be at the forefront of an attempt to establish some standards in the industry.

Quake has appeared on many diverse platforms over the years, but Finnish artist and programmer Pekka Väänänen’s project to render it on an old Hitachi oscilloscope probably ranks as the lowest of lo-fi outings to date.

Anyone who has kitted out their living room with Philips Hue lightbulbs will get to experience one of the odder new multimedia experiences that new technology enables if they watch the January premiere of 12 Monkeys on SyFy in the US: their own, customised light track.

Avid upgrades Media Composer for 4K and up

Published in Post & VFX

Fulfilling a promise made at IBC, Avid has released a new version of its Media Composer software which enables users to work natively in 4K.

Blackmagic unleashes major Teranex update

Published in Production

Not ones to go quietly into the holiday season, Blackmagic Design signs off on what has been a momentous year for the company with what it bills as a major update to its Teranex 2D, 3D and Express converters.

In an interesting and, indeed, pioneering new move, UK broadcast hire specialist Procam has brought lens service and manufacturing facility True Lens Services with the aim of being able to not only supply more 35mm glass to the high-end TV market, but also offer a bespoke lens design service as well.

DirecTV launches 4K satellite, services to America coming soon

Published in Business

Lofted up into orbit from French Guyana via the ESA’s reliable Arianespace rocket, the new seven-tonne DirecTV-14 is safe and well in orbit and expected to begin operations in the early second quarter of 2015.  

Disney Research makes HDR work with conventional TVs

Published in Post & VFX

The House of Mouse has come up with an innovative new technique that mitigates most of the problems that tone mapping introduces when it interprets HDR images for conventional television sets.

The earliest space exploration was not done with the aid of rockets but weather balloons carrying instrument packages up high into and then beyond the atmosphere. And as Japanese amateur astrophysicist, Keisuke Iwaya, shows, modern camera kit is more than capable of making the journey.

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