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David Shapton

David Shapton

David is the Editor In Chief of RedShark Publications. He's been a professional columnist and author since 1998, when he started writing for the European Music Technology magazine Sound on Sound. David has worked with professional digital audio and video for the last 25 years.

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What's the way forward with video. It's not, it seems, more resolution. What people want is better, not more, pixels

How speech recognition software can improve video compression

Published in Audio

Speech recognition software could ultimately lead us to a new way to work with video

What is the Sony Alpha 7S capable of in real life?

Published in Production

Here's a great example of the Sony Alpha 7S, famous for its low light capabilities, performing well in some difficult shooting environments. (Sorry to anyone who tried to watch the video before. We're re-publishing this article with a working video link).

Your brain is like After Effects

Published in Technology & Computing

If you think video processing stops when the video hits the screen, you're about as wrong as it's possible to be!

How to make an ape

Published in Post & VFX

To make convincing-looking CGI animals, it takes more than a detailed and textured volumetric or polygon-based model. For movement, it's essential to model the inner, as well as the external anatomy

New flexible 20x ultra-zoom from Canon: CN20x50

Published in Production

Canon's new ultra-zoom lens has PL and EF mounts and a focal length up to 1,500mm with a range extender

This amusing aerial self portrait makes us gasp at the ways we can now make breathtaking videos with minimal expense

Here's a really useful infographic about all things 4K/UHD

It just won’t go away, will it? However much you can prove with specifications that digital video is indisputably better than film, there’s a stubborn feeling that there’s more to it than the simple-to-prove facts. We think we've indentified one, subtle, process that helps film to store more visible information than digital.

Newtek has just announced the TriCaster Mini. It's a self-contained version of their TriCaster Live Production System that has HDMI inputs instead of HDSDI, and which, in one, small, self-contained box (no need for a host computer) has all the software you need to create network-quality TV shows and record or stream them live.

RedShark is co-sponsoring an afternoon of intense discussion about the future of video in London, on Wednesday, 22 October 2014, where UK Screen is presenting More Pixels:Better Pixels

Sony's XAVC is used across an increasing number of its professional camcorders. Why did they choose yet another format? There were good reasons, as we explain below

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