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World's first 4K digital signage - in Las Vegas!

Published in Studio & Broadcast

The world's first 4K digital signage installation arrives in the airport in Las Vegas. Is this a (digital) sign of things to come?

CES inevitably grabs a lot of the headlines at the start of the year, but one of the other shows always worth keeping an eye on is ISE in Amsterdam at the end of January, which turns its attention to digital signage, smart buildings, and being able to fill your bath via your smartphone

Europe's Largest Indoor LED Screen Goes Live

Published in Technology & Computing

Digital Signage is gradually replacing traditional poster sites and now the largest indoor LED screen in Europe has gone live at Waterloo Station in London


What happens when you connect a giant digital poster to the internet?

4K rivals print poster quality

Published in Studio & Broadcast

4K starts to rival the resolution of print. There will soon be a high resolution moving poster near you

The rocky path to the Digital City

Published in Studio & Broadcast

Networks, big LED and LCD screens and public spaces in towns and cities are made for each other. It's easy to envisage a network of interactive screens creating a "virtual digital city"; but it's not so easy to see how they can pay for themselves, even if they provide a social benefit. Here, industry-insider, David Phillips sets out the current state of affairs in public outdoor video screens

Giant outdoor video screens are an expensive but extremely effective advertising medium. Now Samsung wants some of the action

Atomos rack mounts its Shogun 4K

Published in Production

Atomos keeps finding new niches for its products and the latest sees it port its Shogun expertise into what it bills as the world's first all-in-one 4K/HD, 2ch, dual 7in 3RU rack recorder, monitor and playback deck.

RED makes a play(er) for digital signage

Published in Studio & Broadcast

Most people missed this when Red revealed their new 4K player, but it's yet another significant aspect to this important announcement: you can use the player for Digital Signage. Why is this a big deal?

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