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Could this be the first moving footage from the new Red Dragon sensor?

The world changed again today when Blackmagic introduced two more cameras. A 4K camera for $3,995, and - a total surprise a "pocket" digital film camera for $995. An excited Freya reports

"Megapixels" doesn't equal "resolution". Not by a long way!

When cameras are Good Enough

Published in Technology & Computing

Have cameras reached the point where we need to be looking beyond resolution to judge their film-making abilities?

4K leads Sony's return to profitability

Published in Business

For several years now Sony has seen a disappointing trend where its position as the maker of choice for quality TVs has been eroded by Korean electronics giants, to the point where it has struggled to retain almost any traction in this ultra-competitive marketplace

This is just by way of a preview of an article we're publishing on Tuesday. It's about the Panasonic GH4: a camera that has blown us away with its video capabilities

Eutelsat, fresh from the successful launch of its latest satellite 3B (pictured above, heading out to the Sealaunch site) has also launched Europe’s first 4K demo channel encoded in HEVC. What’s more it also broadcasts in 50fps and 10-bit colour using the Main 10 profile of the codec.

Michael Zaletel is a RED Camera user but he also writes apps for the iPhone. He has recently released an App that will let you shoot and edit near 4K Video on an iPhone 5S, for $49.99

Atomos Shogun: unboxing and first impressions

Published in Production

Yes, it's daft doing unboxing articles, but we can't contain our excitement when a cool new product arrives, so here's what it's like unwrapping an Atomos Shogun

At RedShark, we love the idea that the increased resolution that 4K offers means that you can use older lenses and capture every nuance of their character - imperfections and all

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