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Patrick Jong Taylor

Patrick Jong Taylor

Patrick Jong Taylor is the North American Editor of RedShark News. He is also a Strategist for GameChangers, LLC, a Los Angeles-based business consultancy specializing in agile communication strategies.

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At a launch event in Los Angeles, ARRI wowed its audience of cinematographers and Hollywood taste-makers with its full-screen presentation of footage from the Alexa 65 and, better yet, hands-on time with the camera.

Dolby unleashes HDR cinema experience

Published in Business

Dolby debuts Dolby Cinema, the company's attempt to bring movie-goers a "next generation cinema experience," by pairing innovative tech with a holistic design philosophy.

Our friend from EOSHD, Andrew Reid, has reviewed Samsung's mirrorless 4K camera in a DSLR body, the NX1, and revealed some very interesting findings.

Action, extreme sports and low-light video shooters have reason to rejoice, as Sony releases a full-frame camera with optical 5-axis image stablisation

Movidiam is an ambitious software project combining social networking, film project planning and even secure payments for freelancers and crew. We spoke to Co-Founder George Olver for the background to this software service that has the potential to change the face of the film production industry.

Blackmagic preps Fusion 7 for Mac OSX

Published in Post & VFX

Many Mac users are wondering if and when they'll see Blackmagic Fusion 7 arrive on their platform. In a recent forum post, Blackmagic CEO Grant Petty answered some of their questions.

Sony just released a pretty advertisement for its line of UHD televisions, captured in 4K. But how well does it translate to sub-UHD displays? And is it enough to reel in the customers?

While Canon's recent updates of its camera line may have left something to be desired, namely 4K recording, the company is stressing 19 improvements for its C100 Mark II over the previous model. The question remains: are these changes enough to entice buyers in an increasingly-competitive market?

Wipster: Make comments on review videos like a Google Doc

Published in Business

The review and approval process for videos can be a pain, and that pain increases with the number of voices chiming in. Wipster is here to alleviate that discomfort with an intuitive commenting and versioning system that turns review videos into collaborative work spaces.

While the 2014 launch of Apple's updated mobile devices led to an avalanche of sales, the decision to stick with HD video recording underwhelmed some techies. We take a look at the issue and surmise at least three reasons why your new iPhone 6 or iPad Air 2 doesn't shoot 4K video.

Google is leading the way in an assumed $500 million dollar funding round for Magic Leap, a shadowy company at the technological crossroads of cinema, augmented, and virtual reality. Is "Cinematic Reality" the imaging advancement that usurps holography as the far-flung pinnacle in visual experience? And will it arrive sooner than we think?

According to a recent study on worldwide internet speeds, there was almost a 100% increase, year over year, in reaching the broadband threshold necessary to receive 4K transmissions. But the report also revealed a few other surprises.

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