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Patrick Jong Taylor

Patrick Jong Taylor

Patrick Jong Taylor is the North American Editor of RedShark News. He is also a Strategist for bigSTORY, a business consultancy based in Los Angeles and Austin, specializing in agile communication strategies.

In what is becoming a bit of a trend among name brand companies, technological solutions are popping up for filmmakers that use the screen and electronics of our smartphones in tandem with third-party hardware.

Kiwi Digital has just unveiled the commercial version of its VoiceQ ADR and dubbing tool, which pulls the rythmo band into the digital age.

Remember Nokia? It's now making a VR camera

Published in VR & AR

The part of 'Nokia' that was left after Microsoft's acquisition of its mobile business re-emerges with a camera focused at professional virtual reality filmmaking.

Blackmagic has unveiled the latest iteration of its popular color grading application, Da Vinci Resolve, with a public beta that furthers its progression towards being a fully-featured editor.

Microsoft's Hololens isn't aimed at gamers

Published in VR & AR

Microsoft has finally provided a clear indication of the field of view for its upcoming Hololens augmented reality headset. And while some pundits have decried the rather limited results, it may be a non-issue for its core customers.

Jaunt VR is making a name for itself as a leader in virtual reality cinema gear and workflows. Now, it's set to debut a new camera aimed squarely at high-end VR production.

SmallHD's Sidefinder combo monitor/EVF now shipping

Published in Production

First announced in the days leading up to NAB 2015, SmallHD's innovative Sidefinder, which marries one of its 500-series field displays with an electronic viewfinder in a convenient, flip-out design, is now available for purchase through major film gear retailers.

Virtual and augmented reality is a hot industry that's ready to take off. Or is it two industries? Or are we headed for a future where the distinction between VR and AR is practically irrelevant?

Is this the ideal drone camera?

Published in Production

4K UHD & DCI, MFT, ISO 102,400, 7 ounces...A Chinese company has just announced a very small 4K camera with some interesting specs and is marketing it to drone flyers.

In the face of some fierce competition, Convergent Design has just sweetened the deal for its Odyssey 7Q+ field monitor/recorder, adding a 256GB SSD, an accessory bundle, a media price slash and more.

StarVR's huge field of view makes for extreme immersion

Published in VR & AR

While the burgeoning virtual reality field is cluttered with big names like Sony, HTC, Facebook and others, the StarVR headset from upstart Starbreeze may hold a key advantage over its rivals.

Atomos is at it again, implementing a firmware update that adds new functionality to its popular Shogun 4K display/recorder.

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