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Every four months, all the rumours and speculation around Apple momentarily pause as the company reports its quarterly earnings. Whatever the corporate spin or trendy market analyst theories, CEO, Tim Cook, and CFO, Luca Maestri, turn up to take questions on the cold, hard numbers. By K Stewart.

apertus° updates on the AXIOM Open Source 4K camera

Published in Technology

Judging from the latest blog posts by the company’s Sebastian Pichelhofer, progress on the AXIOM open source digital cinema camera is coming along nicely, with the developmental Alpha providing invaluable feedback from the field tests and the Beta starting to take shape.

ARRI’s Amira - First user review

Published in Production

 The ARRI Alexa has become hugely popular due to the intelligent processing and the delicious image it creates.The company’s latest camera, the Amira, thus has an exceptional pedigree and, in this review of the first Amira in Australasia by Kiwi cinematographer Donny Duncan, proves to be a pretty exceptional camera too.

Sony’s Successful 4K Soccer Screening

Published in Distribution

 However uneven the action on the field may have been, the broadcast technology behind the World Cup has been an enormous success with Sony’s live 4K screening of the Germany vs France match setting the bar for the next tournament in Russia in 2018. By Paul Saint.

Panasonic Announces AG-AC90A Full HD Camera

Published in Production


A new, small Full HD camera from Panasonic might appear to be behind the times. But for many users, it's probably just right

Do film makers need to take iPhones seriously?

Published in Production

It's beginning to look like film makers and journalists are taking the iPhone's video capabilities seriously

Real time multi-camera operation can give your productions a big speed boost

Can these cheap sets really be any good?

The staggering size and scale of IMAX

Published in Technology

Did you know hat you can fit an IMAX digital film on a USB Flash Drive, but on celluloid, it would weight 250 Kilograms (550lb) and need a fork lift truck to move it?

Are your eyes good enough for HD, let alone 4K?

Published in Technology

If you're unimpressed with 4K, perhaps you should get your eyes tested!

Apple lays out its software future

Published in Technology

Apple’s most hard core developer keynote in years highlights OS X Yosemite and iOS8

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