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SSDs are a very good thing. But how do you decide which of the many types you should buy for your new workstation?

Sponsored Article: Rendering is the bottleneck between you and your profits

Given all the effort and expense spent on making impressive visuals, it's a bit of a waste when you consider the woeful state of image fidelity on consumer televisions. The answer to this problem requires an adjustment...of attitude. By Roland Denning.

(Not) NAB 2015: Though Apple has only had one two NAB appearances in the past 8 years, that hasn’t stopped it from timing major updates for when the annual conference comes around. And this year is no different, as Apple releases Final Cut Pro 10.2, Motion 5.2, and Compressor 4.2. Daniel G Roberts is your guide.

Switching from SD to HD... in 2015!

Published in Studio & Broadcast

While many production houses and broadcasters are adopting 4K workflows, guest author Fran de Souza, who resides on the border between Uruguay and Brazil, details his television station's struggle in transitioning from SD to HD broadcast in 2015 and the stroke of ingenuity that made it happen.

Once upon a time Roland Denning had a part in making a small, independent documentary film. Having jumped though all sorts of hoops and spent significant amounts of money to have it distributed online, he can now find it pirated and available for nothing to anyone who wants it on YouTube. Here he tells the story...

Arguments about film vs digital are more numerous and more subtle than "which looks better?". It affects everything. Here's what people at the coal-face think. By Matt Aindow

Yes up to 64GB of memory is impressive, but the real step change that the latest Mac Pro ushered in was the sheer amount of Floating Point Operations Per Second it could crank through. Guest Author Tommy Byrd on the importance of the FLOP.

In this Sponsored Article, we learn a bit of the history of file transfers over the internet, why all cloud services are not created equal, and more about a current product that may be the answer to your cloud-based file transer needs.

Red Shark's Apple expert, K. Stewart, details the new ultra-thin 12-inch MacBook, the Apple Watch pricing and all the other announcements from an extremely packed and internet-breaking Apple keynote.

Guest author Roland Denning on where it’s all gone wrong for the modern documentary camera and some suggestions on how to put its evolution back on track.

Making sounds in the editing room

Published in Post & VFX

Guest Author Vladomir Boboshin details exactly what you can do when your role shifts from editor to emergency sound designer.

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