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Apple's results are a foggy glimpse into the heart of this giant company. Through the mist you sometimes see the future. K. Stewart explains

Normally when a content creation software adds cloud features, that basically means that restrictions are employed. The software might not work anymore without internet access and options like storing assets in the cloud are meant to further bind a customer to the software. Blender is doing it differently.

How A Talking Racoon Won The Internet

Published in Business

Marvel Studio’s geek marketing pays off as the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer goes global

Blender: Version 2.70 released - a new UI Era

Published in Technology

The Blender Foundation has released Blender 2.70 – the first release of the 2.7x-series. That series will incorporate major changes to the UI. But unlike the switch from the 2.4x to the 2.5x-series, the changes will be integrated gradually

How to get info from camera to post

Published in Production

A new VFX industry initiative aims to plug a vital information gap even cinematographers were unaware of

 A Brisbane-based Over The Top (OTT - ie delivered by internet) film service has found a formula for distributing independent and world cinema that satisfies both viewers and copyright holders. They tell their own story here.

Opinion: Forward to the past - Is newer always better?

Published in Technology

I have a theory about technology. We all get very excited by things which are new and then forget about the good things we lose when we ditch the old tech for the new tech. So I like to imagine what it would be like if the old inventions had come along after the new ones

4K rivals print poster quality

Published in Distribution

4K starts to rival the resolution of print. There will soon be a high resolution moving poster near you

Telling a story in four seconds using 600fps SlowMo

Published in Production


It's hard enough getting everything right in a shot, never mind when it's got multiple action scenes, and a camera moving at 50km/h!

Apple had another record quarter but shares dropped. But according to our in-house Apple anlylist, K. Stewart, there's much more to come from this image-concious giant

AMIRA, the brand new documentary style camera by ARRI, made its worldwide debut at Dublin’s Digital Biscuit conference this week, and we're slowly learning more about this intriguing camera

Is the Mac Pro really for professionals?

Published in Technology

An overpriced vanity machine engineered for looks over utility - or the answer to your 4K prayers?

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