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David Shapton

David Shapton

David is the Editor In Chief of RedShark Publications. He's been a professional columnist and author since 1998, when he started writing for the European Music Technology magazine Sound on Sound. David has worked with professional digital audio and video for the last 25 years.

How do you make the right choice from the plethora of good cameras available today? Especially if you want to make a film on your own.

VR is happening now, and we're ready for it

Published in VR & AR

RedShark is going to be right there for the VR revolution.

Sony Mirrorless Cameras: A bigger record button!

Published in Production

A bigger record button could make all the difference

Digital makes everything faster, right?

Published in Technology & Computing

Where did all the time go?

How do you make sure you get the shot? The live webinar that went out last week is now available for viewing on demand

What can you do with a foggy photo? Quite a lot now, it seems!

Premier has a built-in colour grading tool that's powerful in itself, but even more so because it's right there within the application

Sony's new 4K recording Alpha 7R Mk II surprised everyone. Here's why it exists.

Sony even takes itself by surprise with today's big news

The new, reversible, USB "C" connector opens up the possibility of a single connector for everything

The Martian: CGI that's so good you don't notice it

Published in Production

Good CGI just does its job without drawing attention to itself.

Light is what makes an image. And that's what makes lighting so important.

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