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Exclusive: The future of Motion Capture?

Published in Technology & Computing

RedShark talks exclusively to YEI about their groundbreaking camera-less motion capture technology

Asus prepares to bundle Leap Motion controller in a sensational boost for motion control user interfaces. This really could be the future of video editing

This is... strange: real time face tracking

Published in Technology & Computing

 This is a strange, possibly creepy, and utterly amazing video

This is an astonishing technology demonstration: A camera tracking a bouncing ball in real time, keeping it in the centre of the video image

Smartphone Motion Tracking

Published in Technology & Computing

A new tracking method aimed at consumers has potential to replace green screens in pro movie making

The art of Motion Tracking

Published in Post & VFX

For most of the history of film, if you wanted to insert something into the picture that didn't exist,  the camera had to be stationary. Motion tracking allows artificial objects to be inserted convincingly into real footage. Phil Rhodes explains

This is just a bit of fun, but consider for a moment the range and depth of skills that went in to this amazing piece of work

Can you turn up the Reality slider, please?

Published in Post & VFX

The technical challenges faced by NASA in bringing back video footage from Mars are so gigantic that most people would give up before they started. So it seems churlish to even suggest that the footage we've seen so far (especially of the landing) was a bit, you know, jerky.

Motion tracking - from obvious to subtle

Published in Post & VFX

Motion tracking is simple to understand, and not so simple to do. And, like a lot of VFX techniques these days, it's getting so good that you don't always know that you're looking at it

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