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NAB 2015 Preview: Genie motion controller goes Mini

Published in Production

Syrp, the company behind 2012's Kickstarter success Genie motion controller, has expanded its product line by going small. Meet the Genie Mini!

Earlier this year I posted an article about this amazing Lurpak commercial. Now I have found out a bit more about the technology behind it and the German company that are taking high-speed filming to new levels

Beautifully Shot and Edited Lurpak Commercial

Published in Production

Last year I posted a short piece about a commercial for Lurpak that really caught my eye. They have made others in a similar style and the latest one is running in Cinemas with Interstellar, it's easy to see why

Asus prepares to bundle Leap Motion controller in a sensational boost for motion control user interfaces. This really could be the future of video editing

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