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Last year ASUS was the first manufacturer to launch a PC Motherboard with Thunderbolt, the P8Z77-V premium and now it has revealed a new Motherboard which is equipped with Thunderbolt 2, the Z87 Deluxe/Quad

Pixel densities are rocketing up on mobile devices - and, as these are the things that we're using to view our media more and more, that's important for content creators

Computers with a 4K screen and powerful graphics don't have to be big and ugly

ASUS Debuts $799, 28-Inch 4K Monitor

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When you see a 4K display for much more than you can afford, you only have to wait a few weeks until someone else brings one out that's barely more than a conventional monitor

Asus prepares to bundle Leap Motion controller in a sensational boost for motion control user interfaces. This really could be the future of video editing

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