08 Jan

Now even high speed SSDs cost less

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High Speed SSDs cost less High Speed SSDs cost less SanDisk/RedShark

SanDisk has announced new SSD (Solid State Drive) products that might be ideal for upgrading existing video editing computers or for specifying new ones

A key attribute of the new storage devices is that despite their above-average speeds, the cost is less than for comparable devices.

The snappily-named SanDisk Ultra® Plus SSD is based on SanDisk's "industry leading" 19 nanometer process which the manufacturer claims is the world's smallest architecture for SSDs.

Drives are able to read at up to 530MB/Sec and reach up to 445MB/Sec when writing.

Available now

The new SSDs are available in the US now from Amazon.com and Microcenter.com in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB2 capacities carrying suggested retail prices of $74.99, $109.99 and $219.99, respectively.

As we've recently noticed in RedShark, SSD prices have been plummeting but usually at the lower performance end of the spectrum.

We're hoping that this could be the start of another change in the storage business: higher performance as well as higher capacities at lower prices.




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  • One word of warning about SSDs... The speed may not really be the speed, there are some SSD controllers that use compression to achieve these speeds, Sandforce is one of them. SInce video files may already be compressed, the speed stated on the drive may not be achievable, Several of the benchmark tools use a data type that can be compressed and therefor the drives hit these high numbers, other benchmark tools use files that can not be compressed and may show slower rates.

    Also something to be aware of (might be more prevalent in mSATA drives) not all SATA controllers like all SSD chip controllers, especially on Windows 8. This might manifest as a failure to wake after putting the computer to sleep, and then the OS reboots.

    The speed issue I picked up on several sites while researching SSD for personal use, the second was one of the results obtained after purchase (mSATA in a tablet). On older hardware with SATA 1 controllers, there may be no speed increases so you're only benefits are no moving parts and longer battery life. In other words, the spinning drive is not dead yet, though companies like Samsung have sold all spinning drive technology (Seagate now owns it).

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