19 Dec

Blackmagic Cinema Camera: Nearing production

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It looks like the Blackmagic Cinema Camera is moving closer to production, after all the delays caused by the blemishes on the sensor glass

Another post from Blackmagic Design's CEO Grant Petty has appeared on their blog. It's self explanatory, so here it is in full:


Ok good news everyone as the test run of sensors have just been built into cameras and they look good. Very good. So we have just given the sensor supplier the go ahead to commence volume production of the sensors and we hope to start getting them within the next week to start building cameras. How many cameras? I am not sure, as we have all stopped production and so we all need to restart production and see how many they can produce. However we will be working hard to build as many cameras as possible over the next few weeks.

I hope people start to see more cameras shipping, but it might be a good idea if I post another update early January to update everyone on how production is progressing.

As for the micro four thirds model, it's ready to go, however the problem is I feel until we are shipping a whole bunch of EF model cameras, there is little point building any of the MFT model. So we will ship as many as we can and then perhaps see where we are mid Jan and do a few MFT models then.

It is sure a relief seeing this problem coming to a close. I cannot believe this happened and it's been an incredibly frustrating delay. However I am feeling really positive now.


Blackmagic Design




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  • I think there will be an awful lot of MFT lens owners disappointed to hear about the delay of their version of this really interesting cinema camera. This camera is really going to challenge the big boys in sales though. Another camera offering amazing pictures for such a low price. I hope it goes well for BlackMagic. Sparky

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  • Since the sensor is the same size for both EF and MFT versions, I just can't see buying an EF mount. There are so many adapters to go from MFT to EF, Nikon, Minolta MD, Konica AR, etc (see previous article on lens adapters) that I just can't see much use for the EF versions unless you already have a large stock of EF lenses. Even PL to MFT adapters exist and the bonus with just about all of these adapters is they are lens-less spacers.

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