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How using Stock footage can improve your results

Published in Sub-edit

Using Stock footage can improve the look of your work - and your bottom line.

High quality stock footage routinely transforms video productions. It expands filmmakers’ horizons and can make a film look like it was produced with a much bigger budget.

Vimeo pushes HDR and 8K in latest update

Published in Technology & Computing

8K and HDR are set to be on an exponential rise as Vimeo's latest update shows.

No sooner have the debates about whether 8K is neccesary begun, than Blackmagic Design launches a new 8K version of the popular DeckLink Pro.

Sony is running a series of workshops around the UK and it’s a fantastic opportunity to see the latest handheld cameras. It will be the first chance to try out the amazing new Z90 and NX80.

Sony has just decided that users don't need to wait until August next year to utilise the full 6K capabilities of VENICE after all.

The Pixel 2 has incredible image stabilisation. Here's why

Published in Production

Google explains the secrets behind the Pixel 2's fantastic camera stabilisation.

Full-frame lenses aren’t just for wide angles and shallow depth of field. They’re incredibly versatile too.

Panasonic EVA1 unleashed and now shipping!

Published in Production

It's one of the most hotly anticipated camera releases of the year, and you can now officially get your hands on one. The Panasonic EVA1 is now being delivered.

Sony is leading the way in 4K live broadcasting. The new HDC-4800 cements this reputation further by bringing 4K ultra high frame rate capabilities to live broadcasts.

FCP X: Major new update. Impressive new features

Published in Post & VFX

Apple is clearly trying hard to prove to professionals that they haven't been forgotten. The latest version of FCP X is further proof that it is still an important market segment for it.

Free Week has become an annual tradition over at PremiumBeat, a provider of royalty free music. Here’s how it works: every day for five days, the team unveils a new downloadable video element via their blog. And the best part? As the name suggests, each asset is totally free!

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