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LG has been highlighting its role in a significant concert held in Iceland over the summer that sought to bring the incredible beauty of a pure black aurora-filled sky to an urban audience.

The Foundry upgrades MODO to 10.2

Published in Post & VFX

The Foundry says that 10.2 is going to be the final instalment of the MODO 10 Series but sweetens the expected pill with a raft of new features.

RED’s radical Helium S35 8K sensor: the story so far

Published in Production

Helium first broke cover on July 5th in a Facebook post from company President, Jarred Land. This is the story of its progress from there to last Tuesday and the announcement of both the Epic-W and the Weapon 8K.

Shooting at night with the Sony a7s

Published in Production

Whether it’s just because out own predilections lead us down this path, or whether it’s because there’s great kit out there facilitating it, but there’s an increasing amount of stunning night footage appearing out there. And Miguel Angel Langa’s Night Lights is one of the best.

RED Epic-W video breaks cover

Published in Production

It might only be 48 seconds long, but the promo video for RED’s new $29,500 8K Epic-W is certainly enough to whet the appetite.

In film, soundtrack is just as important as visuals for telling the story – it helps to fully convey the intended emotion of a scene, establish continuity and add momentum.

Stunning 4K HDR time-lapse of Norwegian viewpoint

Published in Production

The Snøhetta Viewpoint in Norway has been set up by the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center so that people can watch the herds in comfort. And its stunning design has been captured perfectly by photographer Alejandro Villanueva.

Matrox helping drive IP and 4K forward

Published in IP Video

One of the stand-out industry changes of last month’s IBC was the move towards IP production, and Matrox is one of the companies at the forefront of what will probably be the greatest change to impact the industry since the introduction of audio. It’s not forgotten SDI though either.

Google’s Chromecast goes 4K while NHK goes 8K

Published in Production

Two significant events in the path towards rolling out higher resolutions occurred yesterday: overshadowed perhaps by its new Pixel phone, Google announced a 4K HDR version of its Chromecast dongle, while in Japan NHK unveiled a dual 4K/8K set-top box.

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Corporate and events videos are the main income stream for many of us working in this industry, and a new, two-part Sony webinar on Wednesday 12 October will provide you with the expertise and the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

Mark Toia is something of a legend amongst the RED community and he was one of the first people to get their hands on a Helium-powered Weapon (well, the first according to Jarred Land). This 6:06 is what he’s shot with it and, we have to say, it’s rather mind-blowing.

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