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RedShark at IBC 2017: We catch up with Tony Trent from Atomos to talk about what they have in store in the next couple of months and about the Sumo monitor and recorder range they have been working on.

Matching shots between different cameras can be tricky at the best of times. But how do you match lens characteristics between a live action shoot and a CGI composition? The CP.3 XD lenses from Zeiss offer an efficient solution to this with their frame accurate meta-data.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are photo-real objects floating in space

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If you think Star Trek’s Holodeck and Star Wars’ holographic Princess Leia are still pie in the sky, think again. A US startup is targeting the launch of a holographic TV in just two years.

RedShark at IBC 2017: The winners are now in for the RedShark News Awards categories at IBC 2017. Read on and find out who won.

RedShark at IBC 2017: Zeiss make incredible glass for cameras, but is there more that lenses can do for filmmakers than simply transmit light to the sensor? We caught up with the Zeiss at IBC 2017 to find out.

The latest from Blackmagic Design at IBC 2017 [video]

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RedShark at IBC 2017: One of the latest acquisitions by Blackmagic Design is the Ultimatte keying system, and it has now had a major overhaul to enable it to cater for the latest generation of technologies.

 RedShark at IBC 2017: With a $500m investment, Avid's new platform agnostic MediaCentral promises big things for collaborative workflows.

NHK normalises 8K in the Future Zone at IBC

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RedShark at IBC 2017: NHK makes huge strides with 8K, the BBC advances object-based broadcasting and the Koreans plan a holographic Olympics as resolutions just keep on rising.

RedShark at IBC 2017: The Panasonic AU-EVA1 is one of the most hotly anticipated camcorders of 2017. We caught up with Panasonic at IBC to discuss the camera, and what we can expect from it.

RedShark at IBC 2017: Live monitoring without the complexity. Sometimes crew members on set need a way to monitor, but the complexity involved can prevent this from being possible. Teradek now have a solution to the problem.

NewTek streamlines end-to-end IP production [Video]

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RedShark at IBC 2017: NewTek’s new end-to-end IP product shown this year at IBC promises to streamline the video over IP production process. The Vice President of Product Management gives us a quick demo.

Ahead of the main show, the RedShark News team discuss IBC2017 and the products and trends we can look forward to seeing.

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