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Launched in Marseille last year, the HOsiHO image collection provides some of the very best photos and aerial videos made in France using all types of aircraft: drone, microlight, helicopter, paramotor or plane. And it needs more.

CalDigit takes wrappers off new USB C docks

Published in Technology & Computing

With momentum building behind USB Type C — witness its recent alighting on the iPad Pro — there is a chance it could go on to be the next big thing in connectivity. Docks will help that process.

How production companies can take advantage of the cloud to quickly move and store large media files with Signiant Media Shuttle.

In one of those stealth moves that makes you wonder if manufacturing ever talks to marketing, Apple’s newly shipping iPad Pro seems to feature very unannounced USB 3.0 support.

Tributes as industry veteran Vinten dies

Published in Business

If your surname was "Vinten" there's an almost one hundred percent chance that people would associate you with Tripods. Sadly, Bill Vinten, son of Vinten founder, William Vinten, has died, aged ninety five.

Remembering Rhythm & Hues and Life of Pi

Published in Post & VFX

It’s been nearly three years since Rhythm & Hues filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 11 days later its work on Life of Pi won it an Oscar.

DJI buys stake in Hasselblad

Published in Business

A busy week for drone-specialist DJI which has not only announced a deal with venerable imaging tech brand Hasselblad but also launched an embedded aerial computer.

El Capitain stealthily introduces 10-bit colour

Published in Post & VFX

It’s not available for all OS X machines, only the 4K and 5K iMacs and (perhaps) newer Mac Pros running compatible monitors, but it’s looking like El Capitain is now using 10-bit drivers to provide 30-bit RGB.

Now we are 3000

Published in Business

It may have escaped your notice — it did ours — but last week RedShark published story number 3000. We were also three years old last month.

According to Convergent Design its new tablet-sized Apollo is the industry’s first genuinely portable HD multicamera recorder/switcher. And it’ll be 4K from next year too.

Another stunning Icelandic timelapse

Published in Production

We make no apology for writing again about this very niche sub-genre, the Icelandic Timelapse. They kind-of justify themselves because the images are so beautiful and there are so many naturally lovely phenomena packed into a rocky island with only a third of a million inhabitants.

RedShark TV: The DVX 200, NewTek, IBC & more

Published in Production

RedShark TV Episode 2: The Panasonic DVX 200 in depth. Plus we talk to NewTek President & CTO, Dr Andrew Cross, catch up with EMC, and wrap up IBC.

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