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The momentum behind 4K is now unstoppable

Published in Business

Anyone who still had any lingering doubts that 4K represents the near future of television is directed to a new report by analysts SNL Kagan and security experts Irdeto that details just how many broadcasters are planning to launch services over the next few years.

Blur Studios: now that is what we call a showreel

Published in Post & VFX

If you’re after something a little high-octane for this Sunday evening/Monday morning you could do a lot worse than check out Blur Studios’ animation/vfx showreel below.

IBC gets very serious about IP

Published in IP Video

IBC’s feature areas have always been a great way to measure what the industry thinks of as a) important and b) new enough that the technology might need further explaining, and the introduction of the IP Interoperability Zone confirms that IP production is now officially One of the Next Big Things.

Helping Biffy Clyro live stream to 1.2m on Facebook

Published in Production

Facebook’s growth in the video market has been one of the meta stories of the past year, and it’s not just shaky iPhone footage that’s going live either.

What Apple’s planning next with the iPad

Published in Technology & Computing

After months of iPhone 7 gossip, the iPad rumour mill has suddenly kicked into high gear with noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo detailing his thoughts on a new iPad line-up. And Tim Cook has been discussing AR.

White lens or black lens? There’s a reason

Published in Production

Those watching the Rio 2016 Olympic coverage closely will notice the assembled press photographers are sporting a mix of black and white lenses. Its not just a design choice either.

Stems are an incredibly powerful option for anyone that uses music for video.

First glance at RED Helium 8K ungraded footage

Published in Production

As you’ll remember from last week, helped Jonny Mass from Abandon Visuals make ‘The Underdog‘, a short film showcasing the new RED Helium 8K sensor in a mere 24 hours. Now it’s sharing some of the ungraded footage from the camera too.

DJI at the WRC: some truly astonishing drone flying

Published in Production

Forgive us if you’ve already seen this, particularly any motorsports enthusiasts among you, but we’ve only just stumbled across the drone footage being captured from the World Rally Championships this year and we are astonished.

So, how did they make that 8K film in 24 hours?

Published in Production

The excitement surrounding the first tangible 8K footage from RED's new Helium 8K S35 sensor has been added to with the twin revelations that the film's director is only nineteen years old, and that the piece was created in the space of 24 hours.

Sony intros second gen OLED master monitor

Published in Post & VFX

The second generation of Sony’s 30in BVM-X300 OLED master monitor promises users more flexibility and more features for both HDR and 4K production.

Your video is only as great as the audio. Let’s take a look at a few of the most important audio editing tips to keep in mind when working on a video project.

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