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Digital, file-based video, has brought untold benefits. Quality is up, and equipment costs are down. And now the internet means that we have a worldwide distribution network that allows anyone to can watch video almost anywhere. It’s win-win.

News from Cannes: VFX and 3D animation facility Prana Studios plans to reinvent the theatrical experience with massive screens encompassing entire theatres, animatronic dinosaurs, and actors performing live on stage.

If a photo is worth a thousand words then for Google it may be worth a thousand searches. Having declared that artificial intelligence (AI) was at the forefront of the company’s R&D a year ago, the tech giant has now merged AI with imaging in a suite of product announcements.

Action cam footage of recent spacewalk

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Now *this* is what we call Action Cam footage, taken by ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet during a spacewalk on the International Space Station on Friday, March 24. 

It’s been a while since we visited the Hillbilly Grip Truck, so in this latest instalment from a field somewhere on New Zealand’s South Island, RigJob talks about kit that is pretty much as indispensable as it is indestructible.

Is a new, cheaper, Canon cinema camera coming?

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There are rumours from retailers about a Canon C200

Colourisation (Colorization) has varying results. This effort (video below) is nothing short of amazing!

The spirutual sucessor to the studio VTR is here

RED's 8K cameras are being used in the wild. Here's a behind the scenes video taken during the shooting of Guardians of the Galaxy II

MustHD goes hyper-bright [video]

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In another of our NAB showfloor videos, Kerry Reuer, Director of Marketing at MustHD showcases the company's now shipping 703 series 2200 nit monitor.

Matrox addresses the Closed Caption gap [video]

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Dan Maloney, Technical Marketing Manager at Matrox, on the latest developments in the company's Monarch streaming platforms at NAB 2017.

Videoblocks moves into stills [video]

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Dave Shapton talks to Mike Swartz, Contribution Support Manager, at Videoblocks on the NAB 2017 showfloor.

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