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Stunning views of whales by drone

Published in Production

18 year-old Tim Eddy’s drone footage shot over a month off the coast of Australia’s Byron Bay and Lennox Head starts fairly normally, but then heads out to sea during whale season.

LG has been investing a lot of money into successfully commercialising OLED screens lately, and now it’s starting to ramp up the effort of letting people know how impressive they are.

Sony to fix ongoing FS5 issues with firmware update

Published in Production

Following our discussions with Sony Americas, the company has just released a statement saying it is working on a firmware update that will address the problems some are seeing with noise and compression artefacts.

Star Wars used more CGI than you thought

Published in Post & VFX

Star Wars rapidly creates its own mythology, and one of the main myths already surrounding The Force Awakens was that it was the long-awaiting triumphal return of practical effects. And it was, but only to an extent.

Stunning drone tour of a near deserted Venice Beach

Published in Production

This is without doubt one of the best quadcopter shots we've yet seen, and even better it was all done with cheap kit and a *lot* of skill.

One of the biggest surprise announcements from CES came in Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ keynote that Netflix is expanding its reach right around the globe in one fell swoop.

Sony debuts new 4K Handycam

Published in Production

Making our comment about their being no new cameras at CES this year now seem *really* embarrassing, Sony announced a new 4K Handycam, the FDR-AX53.

UHD Alliance unveils 4K TV specs

Published in Studio & Broadcast

In a bid to bypass the sort of consumer confusion that bedevilled the launch of HD and 3D TV sets, the 35-strong UHD Alliance has unveiled a logo that can be slapped on to all devices that meet a certain minimum spec.

New Acer monitor includes USB C port

Published in Technology & Computing

At last, a way to plug your lovely new 12in Macbook into something a bit larger without needing to go through an adaptor.

Fight! The Human Eye vs the Sony a7S II

Published in Production

In a mere 48 seconds, Greek photographer Armen Bojikian illustrates exactly why cameras such as the Sony a7S II get people quite so excited in low light.

What to expect at CES 2016

Published in Technology & Computing

The tech world returns from its festive break with a bang as the mammoth CES 2016 starts in Vegas this week. With the round of press conferences kicking off today, we take a quick look at what might be making the headlines as the week unfolds.

Axis’ latest camera drone flies under FAA radar

Published in Production

Drone fliers in the US have until 19 February to register their machines with the FAA, unless they’re flying the forthcoming Axis Vidius that is, which comes in under the .55lb (250g) weight limit.

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