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Networks do miraculous things with video [sponsored]

Published in IP Video

Networks can do things that should be impossible. We’re going to take a quick look at three of them.

BBC demos Planet Earth II footage in 4K HDR

Published in Production

It might only be four minutes of footage, but, 80 years after it first started broadcasting, the new clips of Sir David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II now available on the BBC iPlayer are the best quality pictures the BBC has ever made available to the public.

Imagineer ramps up mocha Pro features

Published in Post & VFX

A new mocha Pro 5.2 point release adds some major workflow improvements as well as new licensing options for larger studios users.

Learn Resolve editing from importing media to final delivery

Published in Tutorials

Our series of exclusive video tutorials created for us by Darren Mostyn from Online Creative and produced in conjunction with Blackmagic itself, is now complete and takes you all the way through the creative editing process in one of the most powerful packages out there.

Sony FS7 II out and about in New York [footage]

Published in Production

Some modestly graded FS7 II footage reminds us what a great sensor this camera has.

End to end streaming with Livestream [video]

Published in IP Video

Livestream is not just a streaming platform as the company also makes end-to-end streaming technology, including cameras and switchers, and now offers a complete service, even including the ability to monitor and monetise live streams.

A quick look at Teradek’s Sphere 360 system [video]

Published in VR & AR

Last month’s NAB show in New York City presented a good opportunity to take a closer video look at how Teradek’s Sphere 360 system works.

The reality of virtual storage [sponsored]

Published in Production

How virtual storage solutions are reliably sharable, reliably scalable, and the answer to many of the bottlenecks that using single drives can introduce into modern media workflows.

Create a Dr. Strange-inspired shield in Adobe After Effects. 

RESOLVE EDITING 101 10. Delivery

Published in Tutorials

In the final episode of our exclusive 10-part tutorial series on how to edit video with Resolve, Darren Mostyn from Online Creative looks at delivery: delivering to the web, burning in data, project backup, media management and more.

‘It's your story: A filmmaker’s guide to better documentaries’ aims to explore the theory and practice of producing compelling images when it’s just you, your camera and your subject.

How Atsuki Sato and his team used Adobe Premiere Pro CC to complete Hideaki Anno's monster film on time.

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