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NAB 2016: of audio and increasing automation

Published in Audio

While other areas often dominate, there was no shortage of decent audio news from this year’s NAB 2016 in Las Vegas, though there was a definite theme to many of the announcements.

Why Optical Disc Archive? [sponsored]

Published in Production

Archiving is a vital part of any content business and the good news is that it has just got both easier and better.

Autocue adopts NewTek's NDI for IP production

Published in IP Video

Teleprompters are one of those pieces of broadcast kit surprisingly crucial to live broadcast and, with recent advances at specialist manufacturer Autocue, are now available to more and more productions.

Making sports graphics easy

Published in Studio & Broadcast

Alongside a brace of other products to make sports production, and live streaming in particular, more economic and flexible, Streamstar also introduced new sports graphics software at NAB.

DaVinci Resolve 12.5 now in public beta

Published in Post & VFX

We mentioned this in passing during last week’s coverage of NAB 2016, but there is so much going on with the latest point release beta of DaVinci Resolve it’s worth diving into it all in a bit more detail.

ARRI upgrades ALEXA SXT and more

Published in Production

In common with many companies at NAB 2016, ARRI didn’t have any single headline grabbing announcement, but upgrades to the ALEXA SXT and AMIRA, alongside two new lenses, were all worthy of serious attention.

Ross reimagines chroma key with ACID

Published in Production

While at the extreme high-end of things the Lytro Cinema System has been pointing to the death of greenscreen, in the world the rest of us will have to work in for a few years yet Ross Video’s new chroma key system looks very interesting.

Teradek expands COLR range and debuts Sphere

Published in Production

Three new models have been added to the Teradek COLR device family while the company’s Sphere promises to ease the transition to wireless 360 video production.

Panasonic intros two new 4K handheld cameras

Published in Production

The new Panasonic AG-UX180 and AG-UX90 are being billed as the successors to the AVCCAM series and, at $4000 and $3000, will make a definite grab for the entry level of the 4K market when they launch in Q3 this year.

Redefining sports production [sponsored]

Published in Production

New products, such as Streamstar’s CASE series, are changing the way that the industry looks at producing and streaming live sports content.

Blackmagic wins major design award

Published in Business

We wouldn’t normally cover awards (unless it’s our own RedShark Awards for NAB 2016 - more about that soon) but Blackmagic has just scooped one so high-profile it’s hard not to.

A turtle’s eye view of Sony Action Cam [sponsored]

Published in Production

Sony’s fun new video for its Action Cam highlights what a strong and robust performer the company’s go-anywhere unit is.

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