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Once a year the 1700-seat Auditorium at the centre of the Amsterdam RAI is transformed into a truly state-of-the-art cinema so that IBC can debate all the hottest topics relating to the film industry.

Once upon a time Siggraph was all about new CGI software. This year at least it seems to have been dominated by graphics cards, and AMD Radeon’s Solid State Graphics tech promises the most extreme performance jump yet.

A new SSD from JMR Electronics, the 2TB SiloStor plug-in card, now means that there's no need for *any* HDD in a workstation anymore, even for high volume media storage.

Holdan’s Richard Payne provides a good run through of Panasonic’s new AG-AC30 and concludes that it’s “a wonderfully flexible little friend.” The footage looks decent too.

IBC2016 updates from Canon, Cooke & more

Published in Business

The RedShark team takes a look at all the stories about new products, new launches, and what other exciting things are going to be happening out in Amsterdam once IBC2016 starts in earnest.

Infographic: The importance of ergonomics [Sponsored]

Published in Production

Ergonomics matters. Professional videomakers need to know that their equipment will help rather than hinder them. But perhaps the most important benefit of good ergonomics lies in good health.

Trost Motion Sliders: extremely solid

Published in Production

Here's a video review of Trost Motion Sliders from experienced shooter, VFX artist and developer Bob Gundu.

Panasonic releases new AG-AC30 handheld

Published in Production

Panasonic’s latest handheld bills itself as a semipro shooter for business use with some superb low light characteristics. It has a few other tricks up its sleeve too.

Sony is hosting a must-see webinar on music video direction and production.

Here are five useful tools that should enhance the workflow of video and film professionals.

Going UltraWide with Devin Super Tramp [sponsored]

Published in Production

How working at 21:9 on LG UltraWide monitors helps one famous YouTuber produce some visually stunning content.

There is no single element more important to a film trailer than the music. Unfortunately, many editors think that simply using horn-heavy, orchestral music is appropriate for every trailer. In reality, there’s a lot more that goes into finding the perfect track. Let’s take a look at a few ways to pick the perfect track for your trailer.

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