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Why you should digitise your content [sponsored]

Published in Production

While the topic of how you manage an archive can never be as exciting as other jobs in the media industry (like hanging precariously out of a helicopter while shooting a stampeding herd of wildebeest), it’s one of the most important aspects of any production business.

Even powerful software like Flame doesn’t exist in a vacuum, which means that it’s important to understand how to import and export material as part of a larger workflow.

Audio is a vital part of any video production, but not everyone knows exactly how important it can be. Because the right Sound Effects (SFX) and the right music can actually make your project look better.

How to photograph the Milky Way [infographic]

Published in Production

You would think that taking a picture of something 100,000 light years across would be easy. But it's not. For a start, you need a wide angle lens...

Essential Flame episode two: the Media Panel

Published in Tutorials

This exclusive tutorial will guide you through the basics of Flame VFX software. Flame is incredibly powerful and there’s very little that you can’t do with it even at the highest level. So, inevitably, it can seem complicated at first.

RED Hydrogen: Everything we know so far

Published in Technology & Computing

After a week or so of fevered speculation as to what exactly its mysterious new product was going to be, RED dropped the news that it would be launching Hydrogen, a smartphone with an innovative holographic display, at the beginning of next year. Here is all our coverage of Hydrogen to date.

RED unveils dramatic new smartphone called Hydrogen

Published in Production

So, after a week of fevered speculation Jim Jannard has finally revealed the nature of RED's mystery project. It is a smartphone, it starts at $1195, and orders are being taken right now. Just calling it a smartphone doesn't quite do it justice, however. RED itself refers to it as "The world's first holographic media machine in your pocket."

Introducing you to the Essential Flame series

Published in Tutorials

Flame is an incredibly powerful cornerstone of the post production industry. It’s evolved into a modern, efficient and effective application that can shine brilliance onto almost any project. And we've got a series of tutorials to help you unlock its power

Heads Up Displays, or HUDs, are a great way to add a high-tech vibe to film projects. Just take a look at the Iron Man movies where shots of Tony Stark inside his suit are accompanied by slick holographic interfaces. Remember Minority Report from 2002? This film’s floating computer displays were so influential they even inspired real-world innovations! Yes, HUDs are powerful.

Switcher has unveiled some fairly impressive updates to its semi-eponymous video platform with the launch of Switcher Studio v3.3.

Coupling the GH5 with a Ninja Inferno

Published in Production

The Panasonic GH5 combined with the Atomos Ninja Inferno is an interesting combination for budget-conscious indie filmmakers.

35mm: the format that refused to die

Published in Production

Seven years ago it looked like 35mm was a dead format. In the digital era though it still seems to thrive, with Kodak's recent announcement that it has re-opened a lab at the UK's Pinewood Studios - by the looks of it to support the Star Wars franchise - part of an increasing amount of background chatter that's becoming difficult to ignore.

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