Freya Black

Freya Black

Freya Black is a Freelance writer, director, cinematographer and artist based in the UK, (the land of cold winters and rainy days). She believes cinematography is all about creating magic through light. Her all time favorite film is "Freaks" by Todd Browning. Freya is a big fan of chocolate, owls and the night.

Halide is a new iOS photography app with serious chops written by former Apple designer Sebastiaan de With and Twitter engineer Ben Sandofsky who previously worked on the iOS version of Twitter and the Periscope video processing stack.

The Panavision DXL camera system is a clever adaptation of existing technology to make something special and unique. And it's a system that's still expanding too.

Panavision’s new set of lenses not only have an accent on creativity and artistic expression but, at T/1.8, they also happen to be the fastest lenses available for large sensor cinematography.

Nikon roars back with impressive new trio of lenses

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Nikon has been through a lot of financial uncertainty recently and, as a result, quite a few future products were cancelled and the company was restructured. In that context it's really great to see the company is back with some new products and even better that they are lenses to boot.

Atlas Orion and the golden age of lenses

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Atlas launched its range of newly-designed anamorphic lenses at NAB and they look set to turn heads again as Cinegear kicks off in LA today.

CP3- oh! The new Zeiss CP.3 lenses are slightly more expensive than the preceding CP.2 glass, but they are also a major upgrade because the lens mechanics and physical consistency are such an improvement. In other words, Zeiss looks to have a winner on its hands.

Bokkeh releases five low-priced prime lenses

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After previews at NAB last year, this time round in Vegas Taiwan's Bokkeh released its new Bokkelux new lens set of five prime lenses for a very nice and attention-grabbing price of  $14,980. Individual primes can be bought for $3000. 

Colorfront updates Transkoder for 2017 and HDR

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Colorfront releases a new version of its Transkoder and makes it more capable of more things than ever. Freya Black is seriously impressed.

The technology preview of the new AJA FS-HDR frame synchroniser promises to solve a lot of problems in the ever-widening colour space and provide HDR and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) processing and conversion for realtime 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD workflows.

ARRI's Amira unlocks multicam capability

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ARRI continues to push ahead with its 'ARRI Everywhere' plan with an update to Amira cameras to make them even more suitable for use in multi-camera environments.

New ARRI presets let you achieve looks fast

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There is pressure to create content on increasingly lower budgets, but the expectation remains for something that at least seems like or resembles a high-quality end-product — two things that are generally at odds with one another. However, ARRI has come to the rescue with two announcements of preset technology at NAB 2017 to achieve fast looks.

New firmware for Sony cameras

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Sony latest firmware updates for the PMW-F55 and F5 unleash the ability to produce high 4K frame rates, while another for the FS5 is a possible game-changer for the sub-$6000 unit.

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