Freya Black

Freya Black

Freya Black is a Freelance writer, director, cinematographer and artist based in the UK, (the land of cold winters and rainy days). She believes cinematography is all about creating magic through light. Her all time favorite film is "Freaks" by Todd Browning. Freya is a big fan of chocolate, owls and the night.

How to shoot log in high bitrates on your iPhone

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As long as you have a new iPhone 7, amongst an impressive raft of other features the latest release of Filmic Pro adds the ability to shoot log on your iOS device.

Nvidia’s new $700 GTX 1080 Ti, unveiled at GDC last week, is billed as the Ultimate GeForce GPU and promises performance 35% faster than the GTX 1080. And that is impressively speedy!

The BBC is about to make available what is possibly going to be the biggest landmark release for the 4K UHD Blu-ray format yet: Planet Earth II.

Cooke expands to increase production by 25%

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Leicester-based lens manufacturer Cooke Optics has just opened a new 700sqm factory and is taking on 12 new staff in order to accommodate the demand for its new Cooke Panchro /i classic range of lenses. The new facilities should allow the company to increase lens production by 25%.

Freya Black on the strange case of Sir David Attenborough, his seminal 'Zoo Quest' natural history production from the 1950s, and some recently unearthed colour 16mm footage.

The AAA-powered Rollocam Hercules has turned heads wherever it goes and, after a troubled few months fulfilling rewards on Kickstarter, looks set to have smoothed out its issues and be ready for a full on release in July.

Sennheiser debuts new shotgun mic

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The Sennheiser 416 has long been considered the classic shotgun microphone by which other microphones are measured, so it's interesting news when they develop a new microphone aimed at the world of video.

A new firmware update for RED cameras brings Avid DNxHD and DNxHR to RED DSMC2 cameras in addition to the existing ProRes support. There's also a handful of new accessories for the form factor too.

Shooting on Super 8 in the 21st century

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The Kodak Super 8 Revival Initiative has reignited interest in the format, but for those that want to explore Super 8 deeper, or don’t want to wait till the new camera comes out in the autumn, Freya Black delves into what you need to know.

RedShark Replay: We start our seasonal countdown of the Top 10 stories that have appeared on RedShark this year with a story from CES 2016 that no one was expecting: Kodak unveiled plans to make a new digital/analogue hybrid Super 8 camera.

Celebrating 50 years of Super 8

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Not only is Super 8 not dead, it's actually alive and kicking and there's a global filmmaking challenge underway to prove it.

RED is working on some kind of camera that it's slowly teasing to the world in partially obscured photos and hints. Could this finally be its long-rumoured consumer-oriented camera?

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