Ned Soltz

Ned Soltz

Ned Soltz is a veteran shooter, editor, consultant, author and industry expert. He is Contributing Editor of DigitalVideo Magazine and is a frequent contributor to numerous print and web publications as well as podcasts. Ned was among the founders of the LA Final Cut Pro User Group (now LA Creative Pro User Group) and is currently president of the New York City user group Mopictive NYC.

It’s been five years since Metabones announced the first electronic EF to E mount adapters and the company has marked that anniversary with four new releases.

The Sony FS7 II and why it absolutely is a big deal

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There have been a lot of lukewarm comments about Sony’s FS7 II recently, but Ned Soltz begs to differ. If you are mounting heavy lenses, wanting to shoot with precise DOF consistency or shooting HDR for broadcast standards, then the FS7 II is a big deal.

Newtek and Wowza announce MediaDS distribution platform

Published in IP Video

In a first for the industry, MediaDS enables multi-channel distribution delivered directly from venue to viewers.

DJI trails CrystalSky and launches limited edition Phantom

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DJI has kicked off the drone section of CES 2017 in a suitably hyperactive manner, showing two possible prototypes of the forthcoming — and extremely interesting — CrystalSky monitor, as well as adding some new mapping and control software and expanding Osmo.

Blackmagic's excellent URSA Studio Viewfinder on test

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RedShark Review: The URSA Studio Viewfinder can turn your Blackmagic Ursa or Ursa Mini camera into a studio or remote production unit with just three screws. Ned Soltz reckons Ursa users who shoot in studio or fixed remote scenarios shouldn’t be without it.

Just revealed in New York: the new Sony FS7 II camcorder

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It seems that New York is having a bit of a day of unveiling surprises, with a new, advanced model of Sony’s popular FS7 camcorder, the FS7 II, breaking cover at NAB New York this morning.

Major firmware updates for Metabones adaptors

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Users of Metabones popular EF Smart Adapter Mark IV and EF Speed Booster ULTRA can now download a significant update for their adapters. Both EF-E and EF-M43 adapters receive updates.

Adobe today has released its anticipated update of Creative Cloud video applications coinciding with the opening day of the annual Adobe Max conference.

Opinion: Final Cut Pro 10.3 requires Apple’s El Capitan 10.11.4 or greater which, for some users, means having to make some harsh choices. Ned Soltz is unimpressed.

Magic Bullet Suite leaps forward to Version 13

Published in Post & VFX

Red Giant has released Magic Bullet Suite 13, a major update to its powerful set of colour correction, film look and finishing applications.

RedShark Review: Ned Soltz takes Denver Riddle’s ACES-compatible $149 Color Finale Pro for a spin and is impressed with what he finds.

Odyssey 7/7Q/7Q+ & Apollo update "A pretty big deal"

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Convergent Design reckons its most recent firmware update for its Odyssey 7/7Q/7Q+ and Apollo monitor recorders is “a Pretty Big Deal.” Including Titan HD Extract, VariCam LT RAW, ProRes Proxy, ARRIRAW 4:3, EDLs and more, it could have a point.

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