Andy Stout, European Editor

Andy Stout, European Editor

Andy is European Editor of RedShark. He has spent over two decades writing about all aspects of the broadcast and film industries for a variety of high-profile industry publications on both sides of the Atlantic. During that time the industry has moved from 4:3 SD to 16:9 SD to HD and now on to 4K. He's getting kind of curious to see where it goes next.

How to take a photo at 130,000mph

Published in Technology & Computing

On Saturday, NASA’s Juno probe made the first of its 36 orbital flybys of Jupiter, passing within approximately 2600 miles of the planet’s swirling cloudscape at a relative speed of 130,000mph. So, how do you take a photo at that speed?

It's official: Canon confirms EOS 5D Mark IV spec

Published in Production

As widely predicted, Canon has released details of its new $3499 / £3399 street price EOS 5D Mark IV canera body, and the official spec sheets tally with what has been leaked so far — in other words, that 4K 30fps MJPEG rumour is true.

GoPro’s new Omni camera starts shipping

Published in VR & AR

GoPro started fulfilling pre-orders for its new Omni camera on Wednesday, and while new orders will have to wait a projected three weeks for the $4000 unit while it catches up with production, it has leavened the delay with a new video showing just what it’s capable of.

10 mics per car: what it takes to record audio for videogames

Published in Audio

We’ve had an exclusive first look at a new case study microphone manufacturer DPA has produced about UK game developer Codemasters' use of their mics. And the attention to detail is astonishing.

Why you need to pay attention to the IBC Conference

Published in Business

For many websites the IBC Exhibition, with its plethora of product launches and premieres, provides the main headlines. But to really understand what’s going on in the industry you have to pay attention to the IBC Conference as well.

This image is from a recent test of NASA’s QM-2 rocket motor, set to be the most powerful in the world when it debuts in 2018, and it is the first outing of the Space Agency’s equally impressive new High Dynamic Range Stereo X (HiDyRS-X) camera.

Getting a look into the future at the IBC Future Zone

Published in Production

Over the years, those in the know have made a habit of visiting the IBC Future Zone for the very latest news from NHK’s Super Hi-Vision 8K project and a glimpse into the other new technologies that could go on to shape the future of the industry.

Anyone who has ever nosed around the subject of astrophotography will be familiar with the facts that it’s both rather complex and potentially extremely expensive: the sort of hobby that can expand to fill your bank balance and then eat your overdraft quite easily. That could all change though with the $449 Tiny1.

Sky to launch 4K satellite service in UK on August 13

Published in Business

Those extra transponders in UK broadcaster Sky’s latest SkyQ set-top box look set to be put to good use from August 13 as it launches its new Ultra HD service to coincide with the start of the new English Premier League season.

Good news and bad news from Light camera

Published in Production

If you were one of the people expecting to receive a Light L16 this year, we’re afraid your pre-order has been put back to ‘Early 2017’. The good news though is that the spec of the L16 has been beefed up at the same time and Google has come onboard as an investor.

The Unity game engine has proved capable of some amazing visuals in the past, but nothing has quite prepared us for the realtime rendering it’s pulled off in the short film Adam, powered by nothing more than a GeForce GTX980 graphics card.

As rather thoroughly leaked online in the hours running up to the event, top end camera manufacturer Hasselblad has launched what it calls the worlds’ first mirrorless medium format camera.

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