Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes is a Cinematographer, Technologist, Writer and above all Communicator. Never afraid to speak his mind, and always worth listening to, he's a frequent contributor to RedShark.

SmallHD takes its first steps into OLED

Published in Production

SmallHD's latest offering is a high contrast, OLED variant of its 702 7-inch monitor line and marks the company's first foray into all things OLED.

RedShark Preview: An early peak at the 17-inch, 10-bit 1703-P3 monitor from SmallHD, which promises greatly improved colour performance over your typical Rec. 709 display.

Now trending: LED retrofits of hot light housings

Published in Production

At the recent BSC Expo, Phil Rhodes discovered an undeniable trend for retrofitting hot light housings with LEDs.

Dark, wet & smoke: Physical effects and production design

Published in Production

The dark is rising: As a reminder that not everything is done in post these days, Phil Rhodes looks at the problem of getting darkness just right in your productions.

Lexar's new Cfast 512GB card breaks 500MB/sec

Published in Technology & Computing

For those that need both capacity and Speed, Lexar has announced a 512 GB Cfast card that will reach a jaw-dropping 525 MB/sec.

Aaton announces Cantar Mini audio mixer/recorder

Published in Audio

High-end ergonimics, high-end price. The company famous for putting a cat on your shoulder has announced a scaled-down version of its high-end Cantar X3 audio mixer-recorder.

Røde marks 50th birthday celebrations with 5 new mics

Published in Audio

Technically it was Røde owner Freedman Electronics celebrating its big five oh, but in launching five new mics, including the first ambisonic unit badged under new acquisition Soundfield, it managed to spread the celebratory mood a bit further than usual.

Should you 3D print your camera accessories?

Published in Production

Free 3D models of camera accessories are readily available. But does it really now make sense to 3D print your own lens gears?

O'Connor 1030Ds tripod on test

Published in Production

RedShark Review: A reader's comment on a previous tripod review led Phil Rhodes to examine the O'Connor 1030Ds, a high-end tripod that, while it might cost more than your camera, is a thing of wonder.

SmallHD 1303 HDR field display reviewed

Published in Production

This new 13-inch field display from SmallHD sports HDR functionality, but how well does the unit (and the HDR feature) perform?

Phil Rhodes does some number crunching and comes up with some ballpark figures for a minimum budget for a movie that a) hires qualified people to b) produce something that c) an audience might actually want to watch. It's not cheap.

Aputure COB 120D on test (the LED version)

Published in Production

RedShark Review: the COB-120D open face daylight LED light by Aputure, which happily manages to avoid most of the flaws that often bedevil LED lights

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