Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes is a Cinematographer, Technologist, Writer and above all Communicator. Never afraid to speak his mind, and always worth listening to, he's a frequent contributor to RedShark.

The start of a different speed of change

Published in Technology & Computing

So, now that the dust has settled, what can we conclude from NAB 2016? Phil Rhodes reckons that we're moving into a period of evolution rather than revolution.

HDR: there's still work to be done

Published in Production

Products that featured high dynamic range capabilities, and the companies that made them, could be found throughout this year's NAB Show, but there's still more work to be done before HDR is a working reality for many productions.

Close-up with Canon’s new 18-80mm zoom

Published in Production

We first wrote about Canon’s latest zoom when it was released last week. Phil Rhodes digs for more on the NAB showfloor and reckons it's a rather significant  release.

Rotolight has introduced a product that helps rolling shutter cameras handle stroboscopic light better.

Can ACES become the standard that everyone adheres to?

Published in Production

It’s probably fair to say that the Academy Color Encoding System has yet to set the industry on fire, but a move towards encompassing workflow could change that.

Anticipating NAB 2016

Published in Business

In advance of NAB 2016, Phil Rhodes puts the show in perspective, and takes a look at the elements that actually have the power to shape the market.

The market has been yearning for a run-and-gun zoom for super-35 that doesn't break the bank. Fuji may just have filled that need.

Intel's purchase of Altera sets the stage for CPUs that come equipped with their own field programmable gate arrays. And that could change a lot of things.

In a chat with DoP Adrian Sierkowski, Phil Rhodes delves into his use of decades-old lenses as an antidote to that ultra-clinical feel of modern optics.  

In the wake of the news that the Ursa Mini 4.6K variant is shipping, but without a global shutter, Phil Rhodes places it all in proper perspective.

Phil Rhodes argues that we're almost at the post-scarcity point with cameras where the equipment is so uniformly excellent that, if the end results don't look good, it's down to the user.

RedShark Review: Aputure LS-1C LED Panel

Published in Production

LED lighting technology keeps getting better and Aputure's new LS-1 LED panel incorporates useful features and employs an innovative lensing. But does its performance bring it to the head of its class?

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