Patrick Jong Taylor

Patrick Jong Taylor

Patrick Jong Taylor is the North American Editor of RedShark News. He is also a Strategist for bigSTORY, a business consultancy specializing in agile communication strategies.

A recent fashion shoot that used the Phase One 100 megapixel camera reveals the tantalizing possibilities when capturing images in resolutions that approach 12K and beyond.

Beyond the acquisitions: another busy show from Blackmagic

Published in Business

Blackmagic made a splash with the announcement of two major acquisitions, but that was far from the only Blackmagic news coming out of IBC 2016.

Sony is using IBC2016 to showcase new technology and upgraded broadcast and video over IP products and services.

Lower pricepoint for Panasonic's new 4K handhelds

Published in Production

Panasonic has revealed new prices and confirmed the availability of two forthcoming, budget-friendly 4K fixed lens cameras that sport big zoom ranges and other enticing features.

JVC talks robotic video over IP, Videocloud and more

Published in IP Video

While its docket may be short on new announcements, JVC is using IBC 2016 to bring previously announced products, features and services to the forefront.

Codex delivers recording and workflow for Canon EOS C700

Published in Production

Continuing our coverage of Canon's bombshell announcement of the forthcoming C700, Codex has revealed that it's developing solutions for the hotly-anticipated camera.

Canon XC15: Improved audio capabilities and more

Published in Production

As part of its pre-IBC 2016 salvo of product announcements, Canon has lifted the veil on the XC15, the successor of the small form factor XC10 4K camera.

Cheap cameras becoming expendable in big budget films?

Published in Production

Inexpensive cameras are increasingly used in high-end productions as 'crash' or 'stunt' cams.

What will we see in VR's next wave?

Published in VR & AR

Thus far, the virtual reality hardware market has been dominated by the likes of HTC, Oculus and Samsung, but that may change as a slew of other companies are preparing to enter the fray.

Is this the new GoPro Hero5?

Published in Production

Recently leaked documents and pictures are fueling the red-hot rumors surrounding GoPro's forthcoming Hero5 action cam.

An easier way to stream 4K - USB!

Published in Production

Epiphan Video aims to democratize 4K streaming and capture to your computer with its award-winning 4K-to USB 3.0b adaptor.

Blackmagic has announced that Fusion 8.2 has arrived for the Linux platform, following the same tiered pricing model as the company's other film creativity and productivity software.

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