Patrick Jong Taylor

Patrick Jong Taylor

Patrick Jong Taylor is the North American Editor of RedShark News. He is also Co-Founder of, a new social platform featuring high-speed image playback, and a Strategist for bigSTORY, a business consultancy specializing in agile communication strategies.

Inside Sony's Digital Motion Picture Center

Published in Business

A tour of Sony's Digital Motion Picture Center revealed a useful, multi-faceted professional resource that highlights the company's strengths.

An interview with Nick Mattingly, the head of Switcher Studio, an intriguing iOS app that grants multi-camera production and live streaming functionality to iPhones and iPads.

Blu-ray's comeback: 4K UHD discs forecasted to surge

Published in Business

Perhaps physical media isn't dead after all, as industry experts predict a surge in sales for 4K Blu-ray discs.

Why Vitec Creative Solutions opened its own "Genius Bar"

Published in Business

The recent opening of a showroom and retail space for Teradek, Paralinx and SmallHD brands in LA underscores a larger trend: the revitalization of brick-and-mortar.

The just-announced Sony α68 interchangeable lens camera will likely arrive with a budget price tag, but its video recording capabilities might make it an attractive option for some professional work. And it passes some stringent broadcast criteria.

RED Raven will shoot 4.5K!

Published in Production

RED drops bombshell news of a resolution bump for its to-be-released RED Raven camera, at no additional cost.

While the industry is concentrating hard on a 4K and even 8K future, it probably seems like we've done this sort of thing before. And we have. But there are disruptive technologies looming that could impact our industry in rather more profound ways.

RED camera menu simulator app gets update

Published in Production

Donna, the RED camera menu simulator app, gets an update which makes it an even more useful companion for your next shoot. Plus, a new app, Dragon Scales, could be the answer to a common RED-related dilemma.

A detailed look at the EIZO CS270, a 'cost-performance' colour management monitor that sports professional features and an appealing price tag. But does it make sense for video pros?

Dell has updated its entry-level Precision Desktop Workstation computers, but the real stars are the new and improved Precision Mobile Workstations, bringing more editor-friendly enhancements to its already-popular power laptops.

Dedicated to educating the industry on new cinematic technology, the Digital Cinema Society premieres the Digital Cinema Show, a magazine-style programme that examines the tech behind cinematography.

GenArts unveils Sapphire 9 VFX plug-in suite

Published in Post & VFX

GenArts, venerable maker of premium VFX tools, has launched Sapphire 9, packed with new presets and features, as a free upgrade for many of its current users.

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