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Blackmagic Designs’ Intensity Shuttle has been available for a few years now, but, with an open and extensible SDK, is a fine example of a product that has been made still relevant for modern video production. By Iain Churchill-Coleman.

Studio Profile: South Wales' iconic Rockfield Studios

Published in Audio

Over on our sister site, RedShark Sound, we have been running a series of studio profiles. in this installment, we take a look at Rockfield Studios, where some all-time iconic songs such as Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody were recorded. By Jim Evans.

The Panasonic Varicam LT with Alister Chapman

Published in Production

Alister Chapman is famous for his detailed appraisals of cameras. Here he is taking a quick but detailed look at the new Panasonic Varicam LT.

Five things a Colorist would like to say to a DP

Published in Production

When it comes to setting the look, talk early and talk often as working together results in the best images with the least pain and expense. By Terence Curren.

AMD just released a new Radeon which may be ideal hardware for virtual reality users and content developers. By Leo Waldock.

Intel Broadwell-E is coming soon

Published in Technology & Computing

Some time in Q2 2016 we will see the release of the next generation High Performance CPU from Intel that uses Broadwell-E technology. By Leo Waldock.

In case you think some of the announcements we hear nowadays are game-changing, here's a look back at a truly groundbreaking one from 60 years ago that changed broadcast television forever. And that's no hype. By Phillip Moss.

How to make the transition to Video over IP [sponsored]

Published in IP Video

Here's a breakdown of Video over IP and how NewTek's NDI technology distinguishes itself as compared to other options.

RED’s 8K WEAPON is being used to capture images for Marvel’s latest cosmic adventures in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2, and Codex kit is handling the data. The resulting workflow on the production is an interesting insight into how we’ll work with 8K.

Captioning is something that has always been an issue in post production. It doesn't make sense to tie up an edit suite and editor to do it, so sending it to a specialist subtitling department is the usual option. There are alternatives, though.

Here are assets and tools that will greatly enhance your video editing workflow.

Sony has conducted an interesting poll that might reveal why so many people lose so much of their content for good.

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