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Enter Halloween Contest, Win Oculus Rift! [sponsored]

Published in Post & VFX

Make a spooky 'Halloween'-inspired video and you could win an Oculus Rift! [sponsored]

We’re all living inside a giant media asset management system. It’s called the universe, and some remote parts of it run intelligent software called “Humans”. We somehow manage to keep track of a seemingly infinite mountain of assets.

The end of shaky video?

Published in Production

Considering the ever-increasing attention for stabilising moving images, are we nearing the end for shaky images, whether intentional or not? By Joe Foster.

Blender 2.78 now renders Stereo VR and supports Alembic

Published in Post & VFX

The latest version of the Blender Foundation's open source 3D creation suite adds some powerful new tools to the software's already impressive repetoire. Gottfried Hofmann provides the details. 

5 Tips on Making Stunning Wedding Videos [sponsored]

Published in Production

It is a big business and a decent livelihood for a lot of people, and here are five ways that you can take your wedding videos (and your business) to the next level.

And it’s not just all about the lack of an audio jack in the chassis either, as there are some powerful new features on the camera side of things with the new iPhone. By K Stewart.

In this Sponsored Article, Seth Buncher, Finishing Editor for Post Factory NY, discusses how the tools in Boris Continuum Complete "saved [his] bacon" while working on ESPN's O.J.: Made in America.

Here's a Sponsored Article from Adobe, detailing the importance of Creative Cloud in bringing Pete's Dragon to the big screen. By Michelle Gallina.

On the occasion of the Star Trek's 50th anniversary, we revisit the wonderful remaster of Star Trek: The Next Generation to Blu-ray. By Joe Foster.

Signiant on the practical benefits of cloud-based media production for creative processes and workflows.

With the new Star Trek movie debuting in the cinemas, Joe Foster boldly goes into the tangled and rather messy genesis of the first ever Trek and the series that almost never took off.

Final Cut Pro X had been updating on a regular basis and then it just stopped. There are two reasons this happens at Apple: either it’s about to be killed off, or there is something new and better waiting in the wings. By Clayton Moore.

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