David Shapton

David Shapton

David is the Editor In Chief of RedShark Publications. He's been a professional columnist and author since 1998, when he started writing for the European Music Technology magazine Sound on Sound. David has worked with professional digital audio and video for the last 25 years.

Sending video over IP networks will change everything you know about working with video. Because it's not just about how you connect equipment together; it's about the equipment itself. It opens up new, exciting possibilities. It's a new kind of freedom. 

Why would Canon use MJPEG for video in the new 1DX MK II?

Published in Production

Now that the 1DX MK II is announced, the debate about whether DSLR video is alive or not will be revived with new vigour.

Is Panasonic about to release a new Varicam?

Published in Production

We've been invited to the launch of what we imagine must be a fairly important new Panasonic camera.

ProTools adds excellent collaboration features

Published in Audio

Distributed workflows are increasingly common, but it's always good to come across such a well-thought out execution of collaborative tools as feature in the latest ProTools 12.

RedShark Sound, our leading new audio website, is now live!

Published in Audio

You may be wondering whether the Web needs another audio publication. We did too. And we found that while there are some very good sites out there — excellent, in fact — most, if not all of them are somewhat niche. There’s really nothing there that covers everything audio. RedShark Sound will.

Some users have reported issues with the Sony FS5. We spoke to Sony about it

The music editing software that allows you to edit individual notes in a complex audio recording just got a lot more powerful.

RedShark's 3rd TV Show features "the world's fastest PC workstation", and we talk to NewTek about how you can make state-of-the-art live TV for the price of a small family sedan. 

David Bowie was one of the most influential artists of the last century, and this was the moment we all realised

Apple TV: Still HD, but many Apple fans want 4K

Published in Business

Apple's decision to keep its Apple TV streaming video player's resolution at high definition has sparked debate, but a quick look at the numbers indicates demand is growing for 4K content and devices.

Star Wars: Digital vs Film

Published in Studio & Broadcast

Regardless of the decision to shoot Star Wars: The Force Awakens on film, digital video has come a long ways since the premiere of (sub-HD) Episodes II and III.

Compression and how it impacts camera development and pricing.

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