David Shapton

David Shapton

David is the Editor In Chief of RedShark Publications. He's been a professional columnist and author since 1998, when he started writing for the European Music Technology magazine Sound on Sound. David has worked with professional digital audio and video for the last 25 years.

Upstart camera maker Light is debuting an entirely new breed of camera that relies upon computational photography and multiple lenses - 16 of them -  to take its rumoured 52MP images. [Update - shoots 4K video as well!]

I’ve seen a lot of reviews of the AJA CION camera now and opinions are pretty polarised. Most agree that the ergonomics are very good, and there is also some agreement on the character of the pictures, but there’s complete disagreement about whether the way the look is good or bad.

The new normal: expect surprises

Published in Technology & Computing

David Shapton on the accelerating pace of technological change and an innovation curve now so steep that, from our perspective, it seems vertical.

The new curved Dell Ultrasharp U3415W Monitor and its 21:9, nearly 4K display could well be the monitor you've always dreamed of.

We've spotted an unbelievable deal for a 4K television that underscores just how far prices have fallen.

A Turing Test for cameras?

Published in Technology & Computing

How do we deal with the fact that you can make convincing-looking films with a smartphone?

Sony’s proprietary digital zoom technology, Clear Image Zoom, has a cloak of mystery surrounding it underneath of which there could be some very interesting things going on indeed.

Does this mean we’ll be buying cameras in Six Packs next?

Published in Business

You can now buy six of Amazon’s new colour Kindles (i.e. a fully-fledged tablet) for $250. It was eye popping enough to see the price for individual tablets, which is $50, but if you buy five, you get an additional one free. Is this degree of commoditisation about to happen to cameras?

Why we don't get involved in disputes

Published in Business

People often write to us asking us to help them in disputes with manufacturers. Sometimes they even ask us to start campaigns against the maker of some product they've bought that doesn't work properly. This is why we don't get involved.

Drone filming the world's biggest ship

Published in Production

Drones can make magical movies. And none, so far, more magical than this.

Technology or art? You decide.

Published in Technology & Computing

Technology can make cameras easier to use. But what does this mean for professionals? Is it still art if your camera does almost everything for you?

You can't always trust your television

Published in Technology & Computing

Not all televisions are created equal, especially when they have a few miles on the clock.

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