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George Shaw

Canon may bring C-Log to the 5D Mk IV by NAB

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With NAB right around the corner, Canon may be looking to make a splash with one of the juiciest rumours of the Spring. For nearly a month now, the talk around the interwebs, at least for the photo-obsessed, is that the 5D Mk IV may be getting C-Log. And it shows no sign of fading away.

Besides the whole space exploration thing, one cool thing that we all can enjoy about NASA is the technology transfer. Look around your home and you'll find just about everything has some sort of connection to the big blue ball. And its new release is no different.

Cooke is going to release its S4/i prime lenses uncoated to give shooters the option of a more old school classic cinematic look with lower contrast, light streaks and lens flare, as well as a more opalescent style.

Global shutter is coming to Canon DSLRs ...eventually

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How can a camera company obsessed with protecting the 4K capability of their professional camera platforms coax their consumer base into buying new cameras with 1080p? Well, by giving them something else, like HDR and global shutter. That seems to be Canon's plan down the road.

Ways to make your GoPro footage more cinematic

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GoPro footage is now being used in just about every film and TV show we watch. Not just for ESPN, but for reality TV like The Amazing Race to big budget films like Fast-n-Furious. But how do they make the footage go from the fisheye-like style to a more widescreen cinematic look? Well, there are a few ways to do it.

Need to sharpen fuzzy videos? Call a Samurai!

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How many times have you captured that perfect Kodak moment, with the exception of the image slightly being out of focus? I'm not talking about so fuzzy you think there's a person in a shot, only that the image is a bit soft. Turns out there's a solution....

How to produce an awesome 8K HDR timelapse video

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Ronald Söthje’s stunning 8K HDR timelapse film of Australia took four weeks, 12,000 kilometres, 5TB of raw footage, and one Canon 5DS R 4K DSLR.

Google recently fired another broadside in its ongoing feud with Apple, refusing now to support YouTube through Safari unless Apple adopts the company’s new VP9 4K video format.

With Nikon celebrating it's 100th anniversary and making some of the finest SLR cameras and lenses in the world, you'd think it would be at the top of its game. But the truth is, Nikon is at a crossroads. George Shaw charts its possibe future direction.

The best laptops for 4K editing in 2017

Published in Post & VFX

What are the best rigs for cutting your project as we move inexorably into the 4K future? As of here and now, here are a few that George Shaw reckons are leading the charge.

Want to turn a prime lens into a zoom and still keep the sharpness of the image consistent? Sony has a trick for that.

The very latest in crowdfunded camera tech

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In our latest look at crowd funded camera gear, George Shaw finds some pretty great accessories that can help grab that cinematic image on a low budget. And, since it's all 100% funded already, you can buy it now.

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