Adrian Pennington

Adrian Pennington

Adrian has been writing about the media industry for 20 years in a wide number of leading publications. He is a longstanding member of The IBC and ISE Daily teams, International Editor for CinemaEditor, award winning film critic, conference moderator and copywriter of white papers, press releases and marketing materials for a wide range of organisations. He lives in Liverpool and absolutely loves it.

While the business benefits and standards are still being thrashed out, technical advances to the fifth-generation mobile network are coming thick and fast. The successor to today’s 4G mobile network promises to transform wireless communications by transmitting data at least 10 times faster and at next to zero delays.

Why VR could be on shaky ground as Nokia abandons Ozo

Published in Business

First it was 3D, now it could be VR. The news that Nokia is halting development of its Ozo VR system is a further signal that wearing hefty head gear while viewing content is not a marriage made in heaven.

The battle lines between who should take credit for a CGI based performance are being drawn. Should it be the performance capture actor, or the CGI artists and animators? It is a question that will only be re-focused on as time goes on. Adrian Pennington examines the debate.

Is this the solution to the ultimate sound experience in VR?

Published in Audio

Sound is 70% of what we see, or so the mantra goes. Much is made of sound design for traditional films, but how do you create an effective sound mix for VR?

Cinema projection has a limited lifetime

Published in Studio & Broadcast

The writing is on the wall for cinema projection. New screen technology composed of LEDs is set to disrupt the century-old way of viewing movies on the big screen by the end of the next decade. The transition will as likely be driven as much by filmmakers as manufacturers keen to present their work with a high dynamic range far greater than any projector can achieve.

Lytro teases plans for handheld lightfield camera

Published in Production

From future handheld units to plug-ins for The Foundry, dealing with 400GB per second, and ambitions to get its lightfield technology into the hands of as many people as possible, including TV, Lytro’s Jon Karafin provides an update on all things Lightfield.

NASA’s plans to share Mars with the world

Published in Technology & Computing

NASA’s mission to Mars could be the dominant world news story of the 2020’s with the Agency saying that video is essential to its technical and scientific success as well as mankind’s ability to experience an entirely new world.

The (future) state of the art of VR

Published in VR & AR

IBC’s haul of gadgets and prototypes usually prove so eclectic they may be unclassifiable if you were to meet them on the exhibition floor. This year, though, all things Virtual Reality have cornered the Future Zone.

AJA expands on popular RovoCam capabilities

Published in Production

AJA has beefed up the capabilities of its popular RovoCam 4K block camera as well as announcing a number of new IO convertors, firmware updates and software addressing the current industry hot spots of IP, UHD and HDR.

Industry agrees to disagree on IP standards

Published in IP Video

This IBC was always going to be about IP but it’s clear that there is an imperative among manufacturers to not just say that they are open but to actually prove it. That’s because interoperability, or lack of it, is arguably the main sticking point putting the brakes on broadcaster investment.

Boris FX buys GenArts to produce new vfx superpower

Published in Post & VFX

There’s a new powerhouse in VFX tools to rival The Foundry as Boris FX announces it has bought fellow plug-in developer GenArts.

Periscope: one of the new frontiers of broadcast

Published in Business

Up Periscope: Alex Pettitt is not only one of the panellists at IBC Rising Stars this weekend, he’s also the UK and Europe's No 1 Periscoper and has accumulated one of the largest global followings on the platform to date.

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