Roland Denning

Roland Denning

Roland Denning is an independent filmmaker and writer based in London. He was a lighting cameraman/ documentary cameraman for two decades, shooting everything from feature drama to rock promos. He still shoots when he can't afford to employ anyone else. His satirical novel, The Beach Beneath The Pavement was published in 2011.

Is TV the new cinema?

Published in Business

‘Cinematic’ is a term you’ll often find on these pages. It seems to be a look we all aspire to. We could argue about what ‘cinematic’ actually means (the best answer is probably ‘not like video’ - but then video doesn’t look like video anymore) but I’d rather discuss the underlying assumption: cinema is the highest form of the moving image and television is a lowly cousin.

Did we ever really want 3D anyway?

Published in Business

The major television manufacturers have moved away from 3D displays, which makes us wonder why it wasn't more successful. Roland Denning has answers.

New ways to move your camera

Published in Production

RedShark Review: The Danish designed and built 9.Solutions C-Pan Arm is an ingenious way of moving a camera.

Do we look at CES as a vision of the future, or do we look at it with a mixture of laughter and astonishment at how technology companies can find very complicated ways of doing simple things?

Olde Denning’s Almanak: Film & Video in 2017

Published in Production

Roland Denning dons his soothsayer robes for a not entirely serious look at what may happen in the video industry in 2017.

The Rory Peck Trust and the annual Rory Peck Awards are uniquely dedicated to freelance cameramen and women in news and current affairs. Roland Denning went to last night’s Awards ceremony.

Fixing it in post? Try getting it right in production

Published in Production

While more creative decisions get pushed to post, Roland Denning believes there are still some fundamental things we must achieve on set.

Why it's so hard to predict the future

Published in Technology & Computing

Although it can be fun to ponder the future, reading the tea leaves for the video tech industry may, ultimately, be a fruitless task.

New technologies are making our film and video more immersive than ever, filling our field of vision and pushing the edge of the frame out to the peripheral, even making it disappear entirely. But then, argues Roland Denning, we haven’t been sure where the edges are for some time.

Is the standard lens just a myth?

Published in Production

Roland Denning on what exactly is meant when we say a lens is 'standard' and why that meaning may be rather more fluid than many would like to admit.

Why film still exerts such a hold over us

Published in Production

The Persistence of Memory: Roland Denning on the allure of a format that still has a hold over many of us even, sometimes, against all logic and reason.

Last year I wrote about Mirage Men, a documentary feature I co-produced, co-directed and co-edited and the trials and tribulations of distribution. Now I am looking at that story again, with particular emphasis on online distribution.

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